Bowe Bergdahl debate reignites with ‘Serial’ season, House report
2015-12-10 23:45:46

GWEN IFILL: The controversy over the prisoner exchange that freed Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban last year reignited today, as Afghanistan struggles to fight back against the resurgent militant group.(1)
GWEN IFILL:去年释放陆军中士光头从塔利班囚犯交换争论今天,燃起阿富汗努力反击死灰复燃的激进组织。

We start with this report from chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner.(2)
我们先从首席外事记者玛格丽特 · 华纳的这份报告。

BOWE BERGDAHL, Army Veteran: I had this fantastic idea that I was going to prove to the world that, you know, I was the real thing.(3)
BOWE BERGDAHL, Army Veteran:我有这个奇妙的想法,我要向世界证明,你知道,我是真实的东西。

MARGARET WARNER: It’s the first time Bowe Bergdahl’s version of his experience has been heard publicly.(4)
MARGARET WARNER:它是经历的第一次鲍 Bergdahl 版的他已公开听见。

The Army sergeant tells his story in a new episode of the wildly popular podcast “Serial.”(5)

He says he left his post in Afghanistan without permission in June 2009, hoping to raise concerns about leadership his unit.(6)
他说他离职是在阿富汗未经许可在 2009 年 6 月,希望能提高领导担心他的单位。

BOWE BERGDAHL: All I was seeing was basically leadership failure, to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally, from what I could see, in danger.(7)
BOWE BERGDAHL:所有我看到的基本上领导的失败,给一点,生活的家伙站在我旁边是夸张地说,从我能看到的在危险中。

MARGARET WARNER: But he was captured by Taliban fighters and remained a prisoner until his release last May.(8)
MARGARET WARNER:但他被塔利班武装分子被抓获,直到去年 5 月他被释放的囚犯。

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: This morning, I called Bob and Jani Bergdahl and told them that, after nearly five years in captivity, their son Bowe is coming home.(9)
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:今天早上,我叫鲍勃和贾尼 Bergdahl 并告诉他们,经过近五年的囚禁,他们的儿子鲍即将回家。

MARGARET WARNER: In the Rose Garden, President Obama announced he’d been freed, in exchange for releasing five Taliban inmates at Guantanamo Bay, who were sent to Qatar.(10)
MARGARET WARNER:在玫瑰花园,主席奧巴馬宣布他已经被释放,以换取释放五塔利班囚犯在关塔那摩湾,被送往卡塔尔。

The swap sparked criticism by Republican lawmakers, who blasted its legality, some calling Bergdahl a deserter,(11)
互换引发了批评由共和党立法者抨击其合法性,一些调用 Bergdahl 逃兵

and by some of the soldiers who served with Bergdahl, who also accused him of deserting.(12)
和一些配 Bergdahl 的战士,谁还指责他开小差。

SPC. CODY FULL (RET.) Army: Countless people looked for him when he went missing, putting their own lives on the lives for his.(13)
SPC. CODY FULL (RET.) Army:无数的人找他时他失踪了,为他的生活把他们自己的生活。

Combat is difficult. The only thing you can count on in combat is the commitment of your fellow American.(14)

Knowing that someone you needed to trust deserted you in war and did so on his own free will is the ultimate betrayal.(15)

MARGARET WARNER: The president defended his decision a few days after Bergdahl’s release.(16)
MARGARET WARNER:总统决定 Bergdahl 的释放后的几天进行了辩护。

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind.(17)
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:我们不会留下任何人穿美国统一在后面。

We had a prisoner of war whose health had deteriorated and we were deeply concerned about, and we saw an opportunity, and we seized it.(18)

And I make no apologies for that.(19)

MARGARET WARNER: That wasn’t the end of it.(20)

Today, Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee released a 98-page report, finding the Taliban swap violated several laws, requiring 30 days’ notice to Congress,(21)
今天,众议院军事委员会的共和党人发布 98 页的报告,发现塔利班交换违反几项法律,要求 30 天通知国会,

and that the committee was misled about the extent and scope of efforts to arrange the transfer.(22)

Democrats called the report an unbalanced, partisan, and needless attempt to justify a predetermined position.(23)
民主党要求报告不平衡、 党派之争,和不必要试图证明一预定的位置。

Bergdahl was originally charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy,(24)
Bergdahl 原本被控擅离职守和品行不端,在敌人面前

but the Army’s investigating officer recommended his case be treated as a misdemeanor. Bergdahl is now awaiting a decision on whether he will be court-martialed.(25)
但负责调查的军官建议他的案件被视为一项轻罪。Bergdahl 现在正在等待关于他是否会送上军事法庭受审的决定。

As the case plays out, the Taliban are again on the offensive.(26)

An attack on Kandahar Airport this week killed 50 people. And, in September, the militants seized the northern city of Kunduz for three days.(27)
对坎大哈机场的攻击本周造成 50 人死亡。而且,今年 9 月,武装分子占领北部昆都士市的三天。

Meanwhile, there’s turmoil in Kabul, where the head of Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency resigned today.(28)

He had opposed President Ashraf Ghani’s efforts to renew peace talks with the Taliban.(29)
他反对总统阿什拉夫 · 加尼努力更新与塔利班的和平会谈。

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