What Online Teens Consider 'Research'
2013-01-24 00:44:34

From VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report in Special English.(1)

Teachers say the digital age has had a good influence -- and a not-so-good influence -- on this generation of American teenagers.(2)
教师说数字时代有了一个好的影响 — — 和 — — 对这一代的美国青少年不好影响。

More than 2,000 middle and high school teachers took an online survey. Researchers also spoke with teachers in focus groups.(3)
超过 2 000 名初中和高中教师了在线调查。研究人员还与教师的焦点小组发言。

Three-quarters of the teachers said the Internet and digital search tools have had a “mostly positive” effect on their students’ research habits and skills.(4)

But 87 percent agreed that these technologies are creating an “easily distracted generation with short attention spans.(5)
但 87%同意这些技术正在创建"与注意力容易分散注意力的代。

” And 64 percent said the technologies “do more to distract students than to help them academically.” Many students think "doing research” now means just doing a quick search on Google.(6)
"和 64%的人说技术"做更多的工作要比以帮助他们学业的学生分散的注意力。"许多学生认为做研究"现在指只做一个快速的搜索,在谷歌上。

The Pew Internet Project did the survey with the College Board and the National Writing Project.(7)

A majority of the teachers came from Advanced Placement classes, which provide college-level work for high school students.(8)

Judy Buchanan is deputy director of the National Writing Project and a co-author of the report. Ms. Buchanan says digital research tools are helping students learn more, and learn faster.(9)

“Teachers really embrace these tools because they are ways to make some of learning exciting and engaging. Young people embrace these tools.(10)

And the goal is to really help them become creators of content, and meaningful content, and not just sort of consumers.”(11)

But one problem the survey found is that many students are lacking in digital literacy. In other words, they trust too much of the information they find on the Internet.(12)

Judy Buchanan says these students have not developed the skills they need to judge the quality of online information.(13)

“It’s just a lot to learn about how to discern credible sources. And it’s something that really has to be taught and paid attention to.(14)

It’s like everything else -- in a world in which things can happen quickly, you really do need to have a way to step back, reflect and analyze the information you have.(15)
它就像其他一切-你有在世界上的事情可以发生快,你真的需要有一套办法,退一步、 反映和分析的信息。

And teachers can do a lot to teach that.”(16)

Another problem the survey found is blamed on something that might not seem like a problem at all: being able to quickly find information online.(17)
调查发现归咎于东西看来不像一个在所有的问题的另一个问题: 能够快速找到网上的信息。

Teachers say the result is a reduction in the desire and ability of their students to work hard to find answers.(18)

They say students are overly dependent on search engines and do not make enough use of printed books or research librarians.(19)

Many teachers are also concerned that the Internet makes it easy for students to copy work done by others instead of using their own abilities.(20)

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