Some People Want to #BoycottHawaii
2017-03-16 22:00:42

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Hawaii was the 50th state added to the United States. It joined the U.S. in 1959.(2)
夏威夷是添加到美国的第 50 州。1959 年加入美国。

Before that, it was a U.S. territory.(3)

Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of eight islands, including Oahu, Maui and the largest island, called Hawaii.(4)
夏威夷是在太平洋中间。它是组成的八个岛屿,包括瓦胡岛、 毛伊岛和最大的岛屿,称为夏威夷。

Hawaii is known for its unique culture, beautiful rainforests, volcanoes and sandy beaches.(5)
夏威夷以其独特的文化、 美丽的热带雨林、 火山和沙滩而闻名。

Many Americans like to visit Hawaii on vacation.(6)

But people now say they will not travel to Hawaii. The hashtag #BoycottHawaii is trending on Twitter.(7)
但是,现在有人说他们不会去夏威夷旅行。标签 #BoycottHawaii 在推特上还有增长的趋势。

The online call for a boycott began on Wednesday evening.(8)

That is when a federal judge in Hawaii froze President Trump’s executive order banning visitors to the U.S. from six mostly Muslim countries for 90 days.(9)
这是当一名联邦法官在夏威夷冻结了特朗普总统的行政命令禁止来自六个主要穆斯林国家对美国游客 90 天。

The ban prevents all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days.(10)
这项禁令禁止所有难民从 120 天进入美国。

Judge Derrick Watson said the president’s order discriminated against Muslims, and likely violated the U.S. Constitution.(11)
法官井架沃森说︰ 总统的命令歧视穆斯林,并可能违反了美国宪法。

He described the order as “fundamentally flawed.”(12)

A federal judge in Maryland supported Watson’s decision on Thursday.(13)

That judge said the order was an attempt to ban Muslims from coming to the U.S.(14)
法官说︰ 秩序是企图禁止穆斯林来到美国

Supporters of the president are saying on social media that people should protest Judge Watson’s decision by not traveling to Hawaii.(15)
总统的支持者说︰ 在社交媒体上人们应该抗议法官沃森决定由不到夏威夷旅游。

For example, one Trump supporter asked: “Why should Hawaii … control who can come in? I don’t think so!”(16)
For example, one Trump supporter asked:"为什么应该夏威夷...控制可以进来了吗?我不这么认为 !"

He said Hawaii is too far away from the rest of the U.S. to be able to make such big decisions.(17)
他说︰ 夏威夷是太远了从其余的美国能够做出这样重大的决定。

Others wondered if they should make plans to visit other beaches, instead of those in Hawaii.(18)

A user named Theresa said she was making plans to visit Florida.(19)

But, many people supported the judges’ rulings. They, too, used the hashtag #BoycottHawaii on Twitter to express their opinions.(20)
但是,很多人支持法官的裁决。他们,也用于标签 #BoycottHawaii 在推特上表达自己的意见。

Some Twitter users celebrated the fact that Trump supporters would not visit Hawaii anytime soon.(21)
一些 Twitter 用户庆祝特朗普的支持者不会很快去夏威夷的事实。

They said that would make Hawaii even nicer and more enjoyable.(22)

Actor Jeffrey Wright wrote, “Kids, pack everything. We’re moving to the North Shore.”(23)
男演员杰弗里 · 怀特写道,"孩子们,所有的东西打包。我们要搬到北海岸"。

The North Shore is on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.(24)

Some people said Judge Watson put the U.S. in danger by rejecting Trump’s ban.(25)

They said people in Hawaii do not have the same concerns about safety as other Americans do.(26)

But, one political writer asked if some Twitter users have forgotten what happened on December 7, 1941, during the Second World War.(27)
但是,一个政治作家问是否一些 Twitter 用户忘记了 1941 年 12 月 7 日,在第二次世界大战期间发生了什么事。

That is when the U.S. Navy, in Pearl Harbor, near Hawaii’s capital Honolulu, was attacked by Japan.(28)

That day, more than 2,000 Americans were killed.(29)
那一天,超过 2000 个美国人被杀。

And that’s What’s Trending Today. I’m Dan Friedell.(30)
而这正是今天的趋势是什么。我是丹 Friedell。

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