Nuclear Deal with Iran Turns One Year Old
2016-07-13 20:45:41

The agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program in return for easing international restrictions on the country is now one year old, but fragile.(1)
协定 》,反过来限制伊朗的核计划,放宽对该国的国际限制现在只有一岁,但相当脆弱。

The United States, six other world powers and Iran finished nearly two years of negotiations on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on July 14, 2015.(2)
美国,其他六个世界大国和伊朗完成近两年的谈判联合的综合行动计划在 2015 年 7 月 14 日。

The agreement set out steps Iran had to take to prevent the country from being able to make nuclear weapons.(3)

It also ended many of the West’s financial, trade and oil sanctions that had hit Iran's economy hard.(4)
它也结束了许多西方的金融、 贸易和石油制裁已经触及伊朗的经济困难。

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry said the agreement contained Iran’s nuclear program.(5)
最近,国务卿约翰 · 克里说: 协定 》 所载伊朗的核计划。

“It really wasn't long ago that we saw a rapidly expanding nuclear program in Iran, only months away from having enough weapons-grade uranium to build 10 to 12 nuclear weapons," said Kerry.(6)
"是真的不是很久以前,我们看到了一个迅速扩大的核计划,在伊朗,只有月就有足够的武器级铀打造 10 到 12 枚核武器,"克里说:。

Iran has shut down thousands of centrifuges for enriching uranium.(7)

It also has exported almost all of its bomb-making material, according to the Associated Press.(8)

The Obama administration and some independent experts say if Iran were racing to make a nuclear weapon, it would need at least a year.(9)

The U.S. and its partners—Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia—say that is enough time to discover it and stop it.(10)
美国和它的伙伴 — — 英国、 中国、 法国、 德国和俄罗斯 — — 说是足够的时间来发现它和停止它。

Iran’s moves mean the threat of a military conflict is gone, for now, according to the Associated Press.(11)

However, upcoming elections in the U.S. and an election next year in Iran could bring new leaders who want to undo the deal.(12)

In the U.S., Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports the deal,(13)
在美国,民主党总统候选人希拉里 · 克林顿支持这笔交易,

but Republican candidate Donald Trump says he would “renegotiate” it if he wins.(14)

In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani and his government, which helped negotiate the agreement, could be replaced.(15)
在伊朗,主席哈桑 · 哈尼和他的政府,帮助谈判协议,可以取代。

And in the Middle East, Israeli leaders still strongly oppose the deal although there is little talk of airstrikes or military intervention against Iran.(16)

For now, the agreement is holding. The U.S. and Iran also are expanding cooperation.(17)
现在,拿着协定 》。美国和伊朗也正在扩大合作。

The American company, Boeing, reached a deal with government-owned Iran Air to buy passenger airplanes.(18)

That agreement could be worth as much as $25 billion.(19)
这项协定可能价值高达 $ 250 亿。

That suggests some of the agreement’s early problems may be easing.(20)
这表明协定 》 的早期的问题的一些可能会放缓。

However, in the U.S. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who opposed the nuclear agreement want to stop the airplane sale.(21)

Last week, the House passed two measures to block the sale.(22)

The Senate has not acted yet. President Obama would likely veto the bill blocking the sale.(23)

Supporters say the deal is a success because Iran does not have nuclear weapons.(24)

Those opposed, however, warn that this is just year one, and there are seven more to go, in the eight-year agreement.(25)

I’m Jonathan Evans.(26)
我是乔纳森 · 埃文斯。

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