N.C. voters consider clashing messages in high-stakes Senate race
2014-10-28 22:45:20

GWEN IFILL: Early voting has already begun in key states that could determine the balance of the Senate(1)
GWEN IFILL:在能确定参议院的平衡的关键州已经开始提前投票

and the direction the nation may be heading in the final two years of the Obama presidency.(2)

One of those states is North Carolina, where a Democratic senator is defending her seat in a race the latest polls show could go either way.(3)

For most North Carolina voters, this is what next week’s Senate election has boiled down to.(4)

MAN: Kay Hagan enabled President Obama’s worst ideas. She refuses to clean up his mess.(5)

NARRATOR: Tillis is a hypocrite, covering up that The Charlotte Observer called on him to resign for missing critical votes.(6)
NARRATOR:蒂利什是一个伪君子,掩盖夏洛特观察家报 》 呼吁他辞职是因为缺少关键选票。

MAN: Senator Kay Hagan says she puts voters first. But she votes with Obama 96 percent of the time.(7)
MAN:参议员哈根说,她第一次提出了选民。但她选票与奧巴馬 96年%的时间。

SEN. KAY HAGAN, (D) North Carolina: Speaker Tillis should be ashamed for running an ad that says I would let our soldiers die in vain. That is outrageous.(8)
SEN. KAY HAGAN, (D) North Carolina:议长蒂利什应该运行一则广告,说我会让我们白白地死去的士兵感到羞愧。这就是无耻。

GWEN IFILL: Ninety thousand ads, up to $100 million spent, and clashing messages from incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan…(9)
GWEN IFILL:9 万的广告,由 $ 1 亿花了,而冲突的消息从现任民主党哈根......

SEN. KAY HAGAN: North Carolina is not for sale.(10)
SEN. KAY HAGAN:北卡罗莱纳州是非卖品。

GWEN IFILL: … and from challenger Thom Tillis, the Republican speaker of the North Carolina House.(11)
GWEN IFILL:......,从北卡罗莱纳州众议院共和党议长托姆蒂利什的挑战者。

THOM TILLIS Republican Senate Candidate: We need independent leadership that will stand up to your own party when you disagree with it.(12)
THOM TILLIS Republican Senate Candidate:我们需要会站到你自己的聚会时你不同意它的独立领导。

SEN. KAY HAGAN: We’re going to win. We’re going to with your help.(13)
SEN. KAY HAGAN:我们要赢。我们要去有你的帮助。

GWEN IFILL: The high-stakes political duel has prepared Hagan, who was first elected the year President Obama won North Carolina,(14)
GWEN IFILL:这场高赌注的政治决斗编写了哈根,赢得了北卡罗莱纳州的总统奧巴馬年首次当选,

and Tillis, who came to power in 2010 after Republicans took over the Statehouse for the first time since Reconstruction,(15)
和蒂利什,在 2010 年后共和党接管议会大厦重建以来第一次上台

into a genuine final week dead heat.(16)

Mac McCorkle teaches at Duke’s Stanford School of Public Policy.(17)
Mac 裸体教在杜克大学的斯坦福大学公共政策学院。

MAC MCCORKLE, Duke University, Stanford School of Public Policy: Turnout is going to be key for Hagan for her in order to win.(18)
MAC 裸体,杜克大学,斯坦福大学公共政策学院: 投票要为了赢取她哈根的关键。

There’s not going to be a turnout like there was among minority voters and younger voters for Obama in the presidential years.(19)

But she’s got to get some of that vote.(20)

GWEN IFILL: This is not 2008.(21)
GWEN IFILL:这不是 2008 年。

MAC MCCORKLE: This is not 2008. This is not even 2012. This is a smaller, whiter, older, richer, electorate.(22)
MAC MCCORKLE:这不是 2008 年。这不是甚至 2012年。这是更小、 更白、 年长、 更富有,选民。

It’s not an Obama electorate. But she’s got to get some of that vote out.(23)

GWEN IFILL: At this weekend’s state fair in Raleigh, the voters we talked to had already made up their minds. Sara Berth is for Tillis.(24)
GWEN IFILL:在这个周末州博览会在罗利,我们谈到的选民已经过了他们的想法。莎拉泊位为蒂利什。

SARAH BERTH: Well, as in all campaigns, there’s always a lot of mudslinging going on, unfortunately, which doesn’t interest me.(25)
SARAH BERTH:在所有的运动,还有总是大量的诽谤,不幸的是,这我不感兴趣。

I want to know what the candidate is going to do, what they’re not going to do, their beliefs, what they stand on.(26)

GWEN IFILL: Andy Jones and his friends are sticking with the Democrat.(27)
GWEN IFILL:Andy 琼斯和他的朋友坚持用这位民主党人。

ANDY JONES: I like Kay Hagan. I like that she has experience.(28)
ANDY JONES:我喜欢哈根。我喜欢她有经验。

I think that the amount of money that is poured into this race, television ads, is just kind of silly.(29)

It’s become kind of a very hateful, people just throwing mud at each other and seeing what sticks, and I think that’s kind of silly.(30)

GWEN IFILL: It’s taken a lot of talk and a lot of money for this campaign to go boil down to a simple choice between a Democrat who would rather talk about education(31)
GWEN IFILL:它已经谈了很多和大量的金钱为这次竞选去归结为一个简单的选择,一位民主党人宁愿谈论教育之间

and equal pay and a Republican who is anxious to link his opponent to national issues like Ebola and ISIS.(32)

The recurring disagreement was on display as we sat down with both candidates this weekend.(33)

SEN. KAY HAGAN: Speaker Tillis has put forward the most disastrous legislative record we have seen in North Carolina.(34)
SEN. KAY HAGAN:议长蒂利什提出了最糟糕的立法记录我们看到在北卡罗莱纳州。

He is taking our state backwards.(35)

What did he, he gave tax cuts to the wealthy and has balanced the budget on the back of everybody else, the middle class.(36)

He’s rigged the system against small business, but he has gutted public education.(37)

THOM TILLIS: I think if it’s about the truth about education, we have the edge there too.(38)
THOM TILLIS:我认为它是关于教育的真相,是否我们有边缘太。

We have given a 7 percent raise, the largest raise in about a generation.(39)
我们有 7%的加薪,最大提高一代人。

So if all Senator Hagan has are statewide issues,(40)

and nothing to point to at the national level that she’s proud of,(41)

other than rubber-stamping President Obama 96 percent of the time,(42)
其他比橡皮图章总统奧巴馬 96年%的时间,

I think she’s in trouble with the citizens of North Carolina.(43)

GWEN IFILL: Tillis mentions Mr. Obama by name in virtually every sentence,(44)
GWEN IFILL:蒂利什提到先生奧巴馬中几乎每个句子,按名称

never missing the opportunity to link an unpopular president to the state’s incumbent Democrat.(45)

THOM TILLIS: Senator Hagan knows that President Obama’s policies, he said a couple weeks ago, all of them are on the ballot.(46)
THOM TILLIS:参议员哈根知道那总统奧巴馬政策,他说: 几个星期前,他们都在选票上。

GWEN IFILL: Does the president hurt your campaign?(47)
GWEN IFILL:主席疼你的运动吗?

SEN. KAY HAGAN: You know, this election is about the people of North Carolina.(48)
SEN. KAY HAGAN:你知道,这次选举是对北卡罗莱纳州人。

And with the president, I support increasing the minimum wage.(49)

I support — I supported his very first bill, my very first bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.(50)
我谨此支持 — — 我支持他第一次的条例草案,我第一次的条例草案,礼来公司的贝塔公平工资法。

But I have also opposed the president on things that weren’t good for North Carolina.(51)

GWEN IFILL: Replacing President Obama on the stump in tight races like this one, Hillary Clinton.(52)
GWEN IFILL:更换主席奧巴馬在紧竞赛一样,这一个,希拉里 · 克林顿在树桩上。

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, Former U.S. Secretary of State: Elections come down often to who’s got more money,(53)
HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, Former U.S. Secretary of State:选举下来经常到有更多的钱,

who’s pedaling more fear, and who turns out.(54)

And there is nothing more important for Kay than who turns out.(55)

GWEN IFILL: Tillis too has attracted national support, including this visit from GOP Chairman Reince Priebus.(56)
GWEN IFILL:蒂利什也已经吸引了全国的支持,包括从共和党主席丑态百出被选为这次访问。

REINCE PRIEBUS, Chairman, Republican National Committee: I know that if we work really hard together,(57)
REINCE PRIEBUS, Chairman, Republican National Committee:我知道,如果我们一起工作真的很难

that we can get Thom over the finish line, not for the party, not for the majority, for power.(58)
我们可以获得 Thom 越过终点线,不是为了政党,而不是大多数,电源。

We have to do this to help save this country.(59)

GWEN IFILL: Both candidates are getting a tremendous boost from outside groups on the right and the left.(60)
GWEN IFILL:两位候选人都从上右边和左边的外部组得到巨大的提升。

From the Koch brothers to Planned Parenthood, they have kicked in more of $70 million,(61)
从科赫兄弟给计划生育,他们踢更多的美元 7000 万,

two of every three dollars spent on television advertising.(62)

CECILE RICHARDS, President, Planned Parenthood: North Carolina very well made determine the future of the United States Senate.(63)
CECILE RICHARDS, President, Planned Parenthood:北卡罗莱纳州很好作出决定未来的美国参议院。

And this race between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis has been a focus for months for us at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.(64)

It is the most important race in the country.(65)

GWEN IFILL: To add to the uncertainty, a third candidate, libertarian Sean Haugh, could tip the balance,(66)
GWEN IFILL:若要添加了不确定性,第三个候选人,自由主义,肖恩 · 霍可能使天平,

even if he gets a small percentage of the vote.(67)

MAC MCCORKLE: The dynamic is, I don’t want to vote for the incumbent, and so I’m looking who I vote for.(68)
MAC MCCORKLE:动态是,我不想投票给现任总统,所以我期待谁我投的票。

So, to the extent you vote for a third party, you don’t vote for the challenger.(69)

GWEN IFILL: Thousands of North Carolinians descended on Lexington for the annual Barbecue Festival this weekend.(70)
GWEN IFILL:数以千计的北卡罗莱纳一年一度的烧烤节本周末列克星敦下手。

Thom Tillis supporter Deric Brady was among them.(71)

DERIC BRADY: With the federal government, the spending has got so out of control. It needs to be brought down.(72)
DERIC BRADY:与联邦政府的开支这样失去了控制。它需要被击落。

I’m one that thinks that states, local governments should have more control of the money that they have,(73)

instead of sending it to Washington and then having to do stuff to get it back.(74)

GWEN IFILL: And William Mciver is one of the thousands of volunteers working the state for Hagan.(75)
GWEN IFILL:William Mciver 是数千名志愿者为 Hagan 工作状态之一。

WILLIAM MCIVER: When we went canvassing, my wife and I, we found that they were like, thank the lord, hallelujah, you showed up.(76)
WILLIAM MCIVER:当我们去拉票时,我妻子和我,我们发现他们是喜欢,感谢主,哈利路亚,你出现了。

We’re here. We’re glad to see you. We didn’t think you cared about us.(77)

GWEN IFILL: But the money, the finger-pointing, the hostile television advertising leaves many voters perplexed.(78)
GWEN IFILL:但这笔钱,指指点点,敌对的电视广告片的叶子很多选民感到困惑。

BRYAN DEITZ: It kind of depends on how you view politics.(79)
BRYAN DEITZ:这种取决于你如何看待政治。

Some people view it as a sport, right?  So, it’s my team vs. your team.(80)

So, whoever has the most money can have a better ground game,(81)

because now you need money for television, print, social media, everything else.(82)

PATRICIA BALDWIN: There’s a lot of money spent, but it’s the same thing. It’s — one, it’s about Medicaid.(83)
PATRICIA BALDWIN:还有很多钱花,但这是同一件事。它有 — — 一个,它是关于公共医疗补助。

The other ones are about abortions and birth control and college funds.(84)

And it seems like one is for the rich one is for the middle class and the poor.(85)

GWEN IFILL: Then there is this last wild card.(86)
GWEN IFILL:然后还有这最后的野生卡。

New voter I.D. laws that Republicans call protection and Democrats call suppression could affect turnout in a state that both national parties now see as their key to the South.(87)

JUDY WOODRUFF: And a great report.(88)

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