Cold Weather Limiting Washington’s Cherry Blossoms
2017-03-20 22:00:02

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There are about 1,700 cherry trees planted in the southwestern part of Washington, D.C.(2)
有大约 1,700 樱桃树种植在华盛顿西南部

They live along the Potomac River and around a connecting body of water called the Tidal Basin.(3)

The city’s first cherry trees were a gift from Japan to the United States in 1912.(4)
城市的第一批樱桃树在 1912 年被日本送给美国的礼物。

Each year, about 1 million people travel to Washington to see cherry blossoms growing on the trees.(5)
每年约 100 万人前往华盛顿,看到樱花生长在树上。

The best time to see the blossoms usually is in late March through early April.(6)
通常看到樱花的最佳时间是在 3 月下旬至 4 月初。

There are parades and other events to celebrate the flowering trees and the return of spring.(7)

About two weeks ago, we reported that an unusually warm winter had forecasters worried that the blossoms might come out early.(8)

After all, on March 1, the air temperature in Washington reached 27 degrees Celsius.(9)
毕竟,在 3 月 1 日,在华盛顿的空气温度达到摄氏 27 度。

Some of the trees were already producing pink and white blossoms.(10)

But then the weather began acting more like winter. It got colder and snowy.(11)

In fact, last Wednesday, the temperature was - 5 degrees Celsius.(12)
事实上上, 周三,温度是-5 摄氏度。

There was snow on the ground. Many of the blossoms and buds froze when the snow turned to ice.(13)

The U.S. National Park Service says about half of the blossoms were destroyed.(14)

But there are so many trees, and so many buds, that experts think visitors to Washington will still enjoy the cherry trees.(15)

Michael Stachowicz studies the trees for the park service. He told the newspaper that many of the buds were not harmed by the cold weather.(16)
迈克尔 Stachowicz 研究国家公园服务局的树。他告诉记者,很多芽并不伤害寒冷的天气。

“Our blooms are just so dense and lush and just overwhelming,” he said. “There might be some trees that don’t blossom at all, but I think that will be in the minority.”(17)

While the cherry trees may not look their best this year because of the late winter weather, trees in some other cities are expected to look great.(18)

For example, people in Korea and Japan are already celebrating cherry blossom season and posting beautiful photographs on Twitter.(19)
例如,在韩国和日本人已经庆祝樱花盛开的季节及在 Twitter 上发布了美丽的照片。

And in Japan, McDonald’s restaurants are getting into the spirit. There are cherry blossom-themed drinks and sandwich wrappers.(20)

Twitter users in other countries say they wish they were in Japan to enjoy them.(21)
Twitter 用户在其他国家说他们希望他们在日本享受他们。

And that’s What’s Trending Today. I’m Dan Friedell.(22)
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