Netflix Update Changes How Users Rate, Watch Shows
2017-03-22 22:01:58

The media streaming business Netflix is changing how users can rate and find shows.(1)
媒体流的业务 Netflix 不断变化的用户可以率和找到的方式显示。

The new method is designed to better connect viewers with shows they might like.(2)

The changes may save you some time as you binge-watch your favorite shows.(3)

Netflix User Rating Update(4)
Netflix 用户评级更新

No longer will users be able to use stars (*****) to rate what they watch on Netflix.(5)
不再将用户能够使用星星 (*) 来评价他们在 Netflix 上观看。

The update changes user ratings to a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down system.(6)

This makes it simpler for viewers to post ratings and is similar to YouTube ratings.(7)
这使它更简单,让观众发布评级和类似于 YouTube 评级。

The company has been testing the new up or down system with hundreds of thousands of users around the world.(8)

Results showed that viewers were 200% more likely to rate a show with a thumbs up or thumbs down system than a five-star scale.(9)
结果表明,观众 200%更有可能率显示大拇指朝下系统比五星级的规模。

Netflix wants to encourage more viewers to rate shows. So, it went with the up or down system.(10)
Netflix 公司想要鼓励更多的观众率显示。于是,与向上或向下系统。

Netflix also hopes that the up and down ratings will better predict which shows viewers enjoy.(11)
Netflix 也希望上下评级将更好地预测观众喜欢的节目。

The company discovered that viewers' star ratings did not indicate what shows they were more likely to watch.(12)

For example, many viewers rated documentaries higher than comedy shows, although they watched comedies more often.(13)

With the five-star rating system, viewers seemed to be rating whether others would enjoy a show, but with the up and down ratings they voted on what they liked themselves.(14)

Netflix Updates Recommendations(15)
Netflix 更新建议

The update also changes how Netflix suggests shows for users, based on their past likes and ratings.(16)
此更新还改变如何在 Netflix 建议显示对用户来说,基于他们的过去喜欢和评级。

Netflix will use a percentage measure to indicate how closely a show matches a user’s preferences.(17)
Netflix 将使用百分比量值以指示显示如何密切匹配用户的首选项。

If you see a “95%” next to a listed show, Netflix is almost certain you will enjoy it.(18)
如果你看到一个"95%"旁边列出的显示,Netflix 是几乎可以肯定你会喜欢它。

On the other hand, you might want to ignore a movie rated as a 50% match.(19)
另一方面,您可能想要忽略评为 50%比赛的一部电影。

And that is as low as the system will go. Netflix will not report percentages below 50.(20)
而这正是系统将去的一样低。Netflix 公司将不会报告百分比低于 50。

If a show does not have a percentage noted, it could mean Netflix does not think you will like it.(21)
如果显示并没有注意到的百分比,它可能意味着 Netflix 并不认为你会喜欢它。

But it also could mean that Netflix does not have enough information to know whether you would like it.(22)
但它也可能意味着 Netflix 并没有足够的信息来知道你是否会喜欢它。

This update will begin in April and be available to users over the next few months.(23)
此更新将在 4 月开始,在接下来的几个月可供用户使用。

Skip Intro Update(24)

Netflix is also currently testing a “Skip Intro” button that lets users fast-forward through opening credits of a show.(25)
Netflix 目前也正在测试一个"跳过简介"按钮,允许用户通过开场字幕显示快进。

If you are a binge-watcher you are likely to enjoy this new feature.(26)

Some Netflix viewers have already seen the Skip Intro button on original Netflix series and on other television shows, when watching Netflix on their computers.(27)
一些 Netflix 观众已经看到了跳过片头按钮原 Netflix 系列和其他电视节目,当观看 Netflix 的在他们的计算机上。

Of course, you are still free watch the intro if you would like. The “Skip Intro” button is optional.(28)

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