NGOs: End Childhood Violence
2015-07-16 14:48:16

Two rights groups said violence affects about one billion children every year and its consequences cost economies seven trillion dollars annually.(1)
两个人权组织说暴力影响大约 10 亿儿童每年和其后果每年花费经济体 7 兆美元。

The NGOs said while violence against women and girls has gained more attention, violence against boys has not.(2)

It’s a leading cause of death for adolescent boys in many parts of the world.(3)

The groups Without Violence and Together for Girls said violence against children is a major challenge to development.(4)
组无暴力和女孩在一起说: 对儿童的暴力行为是对发展的重大挑战。

They say that “continued exposure to violence – whether as a victim or a witness – has significant detrimental effects on a child’s brain.”(5)
他们说,"持续的暴露在暴力 — — 无论是作为受害人或证人 — — 有对孩子大脑的重大不利影响"。

Those effects include post-traumatic stress leading to social, emotional and behavioral problems.(6)
这些影响包括创伤后应激,导致社会、 情绪和行为问题。

Lisa Witter is executive director of Without Violence or as she describes herself, the group’s “chief optimist.”(7)

She said, “Violence against children is an issue that happens all around the world – in every country, in every income level of the home and whether the parents are educated or not.(8)
她说,"对儿童的暴力是全世界 — — 每个国家,在每一收入水平的家庭和父母受或不会发生问题。

And violence against children happens everywhere.(9)

We’ve learned in talking about the issue of violence that different people have definitions about what violence against children is.(10)

Is it mental abuse? Is it physical abuse? Is it corporal punishment? Is it war? It’s all of it.(11)

We’re really looking at reducing violence in any setting and in any way against children.”(12)

Witter said girls are especially vulnerable to sexual violence and child marriage, which she also considers a form of violence.(13)
威特说: 女孩都特别容易遭受性暴力和童婚,她也认为一种暴力形式。

“Girls are much more likely to be married under the age of 18 than boys. And this is a real violent act.(14)
"女孩都更有可能比男孩 18 岁结婚。这是一个真正的暴力行为。

It’s not under her own will and they should be girls, not brides.”(15)

As for boys, she said, “One in five victims of homicide are children and boys account for 70 percent of them.(16)
至于男孩,她说,"杀人的五分之一受害者是孩子,男孩占 70%。

Real, harsh violence is really a big issue for boys.(17)
真正的、 苛刻的暴力真的是男孩的一个大问题。

Sexual violence, as I said, is a big issue for girls, but 73 million boys under the age of 18 experience sexual violence.(18)
性暴力行为,正如我所说的是一个大问题的女孩,但 18 岁以下 7300 万男孩经验性暴力。

So while girls are at a higher risk factor for it, it’s a boys’ issue. And then the other issue we think a lot about are child soldiers.(19)

There are an estimated 250,000 child soldiers in the world and 90 percent of them are boys.”(20)
世界有估计的 250,000 儿童兵和 90%的人是男生"。

She also said that 156 million men alive today were married as children.(21)
她还说 1 亿 5600 万男人活着今天结婚了作为儿童。

Witter and Michele Moloney-Kitts, head of Together for Girls, have written an opinion piece in which they said,(22)
惠和团长一起为女童,米歇尔 · 莫洛尼圣基茨写了一篇观点文章,他们说,

“Violence is like a transmitted disease – and growing up around violence is the single best predictor that a child will go on to become either a victim or perpetrator of violence as adults.”(23)
"暴力是传播的疾病 — — 像和周围暴力成长是一个孩子会去成为受害者或肇事者暴力作为成年人的单一最好的预测"。

They said that gender norms make it difficult for boys to admit they are victims of violence.(24)

In fact, on average, men who finally disclose they were sexually assaulted do so 22 years after the assault occurred. That’s about 10 years later than women.(25)
事实上,平均,最后透露他们遭到性侵犯的人做所以 22 年后殴打发生。这是大约 10 年后比女性。

To help boys become less vulnerable to violence, the NGOs recommended parenting programs for caregivers.(26)

School-based programs, they say, can teach adolescents about “safe dating practices.” Mentoring programs have shown success in preventing homicides or joining gangs.(27)

The groups want the issue included in the new U.N. Sustainable Development goals that will be finalized in September.(28)
希望议题列入新的联合国可持续发展目标,将在 9 月完成。

Witter said life can be better for every child if U.N. members invest in breaking the cycle of violence.(29)
威特说: 是否联合国成员投资打破暴力的恶性循环,生活可以更好地为每个孩子。

“I care deeply about boys and girls, you know.(30)

And I want to reduce violence against girls and I want to reduce violence against boys.(31)

I’m a mother of two young boys, six and eight, and this stuff is very personal to me.(32)
我的两个小男孩的母亲、 六、 八年,这东西是我的个人利益。

We can’t stop the cycle of violence unless we focus on boys and girls.(33)

What we want to do is just continue through the U.N. process and through talking to companies and through talking to communities and help scaling things that we know that work so that we reduce violence,” she said.(34)
她说: 我们想要做什么,只是继续通过联合国进程,并通过交谈公司和交谈社区和缩放我们知道的东西的工作,以便我们减少暴力的帮助"。

In related news, at the Third International Conference for Financing for Development in Addis Ababa this week, a global partnership was announced to end violence against children.(35)

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