Iguana Becomes Star of Tennis Match in Miami
2017-03-23 19:30:33

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A first-round tennis match at the Miami Open in Florida was delayed on Wednesday due to a surprise visitor.(2)

Jiri Vesely from the Czech Republic was playing against Tommy Haas of Germany when he noticed an iguana.(3)
来自捷克的伊里维斯对阵德国的托米 · 哈斯时,他注意到一个鬣蜥。

The large lizard seemed to enjoy his view from the top of the scoreboard at courtside.(4)

Vesely asked the umpire to stop play and try to remove the iguana.(5)

The umpire told Vesely he would not stop the match unless the iguana ran onto the playing surface.(6)

He said “If it’s like that, on the scoreboard, I don’t think it’s going to bother you, Jiri.”(7)

Vesely disagreed.(8)

The umpire said: “forget about it, it’s not a dangerous animal.”(9)
The umpire said:"忘掉它,它不是危险的动物。"

During their conversation, Haas, a former second-ranked player in the world, went over to the iguana and took a selfie.(10)

The fans cheered.(11)

The television commentator said: “you do not see this very often.”(12)
The television commentator said:"你看不到这很多时候."

Haas received a lot of comments about his photo on Instagram. One person wrote: “Man, I’m going to hate it when you are truly done playing.”(13)
哈斯商学院收到很多关于他的照片在 Instagram 上评论。一人写道:"老兄,我要去恨它,当你真正做玩."

The iguana did become a distraction, after all.(14)

People who work at the tennis stadium tried to catch the iguana by the tail, and by throwing a towel over it, but that did not work.(15)

The iguana ran across the court to the other side, and climbed onto the scoreboard.(16)

“It’s scampering everywhere,” said the commentator. “You don’t expect to see this!” he added.(17)
"它蹦蹦跳跳无处不在"评论员说到。他补充说:"你不希望看到这个 !"。

Everyone kept laughing and cheering. The iguana was finally captured and taken outside the stadium.(18)

Vesely recovered from the distraction and won the match.(19)

The 38-year-old Haas said maybe the iguana got the message that it might be the last time he would be playing in the Miami Open.(20)
今年 38 岁的哈斯说也许鬣蜥得到的消息,它可能是最后一次他就会打在迈阿密公开赛。

“He wanted to say ‘hi’ and take a peek or something,” Haas said.(21)
"他想要说 '你好',并采取偷看或东西,"哈斯说。

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