News Wrap: Senate Readies to Pass First Budget in Four Years
2013-03-22 22:11:00

HARI SREENIVASAN: The Senate looked ready to pass its first budget in four years in a midnight finish.(1)
HARI SREENIVASAN:参议院看上去愿意通过其首份预算案在午夜四年完成。

The final vote was set to come later tonight or early tomorrow morning, after a flurry of votes on dozens of amendments dubbed vote-a-rama.(2)
最后表决成立来今晚稍后或明天早上早点,一连串的数十项修正案的表决后所谓一 rama 表决。

The nonbinding budget bill would impose almost $1 trillion dollars of tax increases coupled with $875 billion dollars in spending cuts.(3)
约束的预算法案将对近 1 兆美元的耦合与 8750 亿美元削减开支的增加税收。

Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware said crafting a budget should be about more than the bottom line.(4)
特拉华州民主党议员克里斯 Coons 说精心编制预算应不仅仅是底线。

SEN. CHRIS COONS, D-Del.: We need to do it in a way that both stabilizes our deficit and debt, makes critical investments in growing our economy and preserves the core of the programs on which Americans rely.(5)
SEN. CHRIS COONS, D-Del.:我们需要做的方式,既稳定我们的赤字和债务,使我们的经济增长中的关键投资并保留核心的美国人所依赖的程序。

This is not just about numbers. It is also about values. It is also about priorities.(6)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Republican Jeff Sessions of Alabama called Democrats out for how they were using the word balance during the debate.(7)
HARI SREENIVASAN:阿拉巴马州的共和党人杰夫会议呼吁民主党他们如何使用 word 的平衡在辩论期间。

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS, R-Ala.: Also, using the word balance, they hope people will hear it and think that this means we have got a balanced budget.(8)
SEN. JEFF SESSIONS, R-Ala.:另外,使用 word 的平衡,他们希望人能听到它认为这意味着我们有一个平衡的预算。

They know they don't have a balanced budget. They won't tell the American people they don't have one. They just use the word. But it's not in their document.(9)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Sessions forced a vote on an amendment to put Democrats on record in opposition to balancing the budget by the end of the decade. It failed on a near-party line vote.(10)
HARI SREENIVASAN:会议被迫上一项修正案,民主党反对十年年底平衡预算记录表决。它没有靠近党路线进行表决。

Lawmakers in North Dakota moved to outlaw abortion today. The Republican-controlled legislature there passed a bill defining life as starting at conception.(11)

It is one in a series of anti-abortion measures that have passed this year. The bill now goes to the state's Republican governor, Jack Dalrymple.(12)

He opposes abortion, but has not said whether he would sign the bill into law.(13)

A compounding pharmacy in Augusta, Ga., is recalling all of its injectable medicines after an inspection by the Food and Drug Administration.(14)

Earlier this week, the same pharmacy recalled the drug Avastin when five patients got serious eye infections after using the medicine.(15)

FDA inspectors found issues at the pharmacy that call into question the sterility of its drugs.(16)
FDA 检查员发现在药房不育系及其药物提出质疑的问题。

The president of Myanmar declared a state of emergency in several townships after fighting between Buddhists and Muslims left at least 20 people dead.(17)
缅甸总统宣布紧急状态在几个乡镇后造成至少 20 人死亡的穆斯林和佛教徒之间的战斗。

The city of Meikhtila was covered in thick black smoke as firefighters raced to put out fires set by rioting mobs.(18)
因为消防人员竞相来扑灭火灾的骚乱的暴徒设置 Meikhtila 市覆盖在厚厚的黑烟。

And police fanned out and seized machetes and hammers along the way.(19)

Ethnic violence has spread in Myanmar over the past two years, when decades of military rule ended and the country turned toward democracy.(20)

The parliament of Cyprus adopted laws today to create a solidarity fund to pool state assets and impose capital controls on banks.(21)

The votes were the first of several as the island nation raced against a Monday deadline to qualify for an international bailout.(22)

Cyprus needs to raise $7.5 billion dollars to get a $13 billion dollar bailout from the Eurozone and International Monetary Fund.(23)
塞浦路斯需要筹集 75 亿美元从欧元区和国际货币基金组织获得 130 亿港元元救助。

Stocks on Wall Street rose in anticipation that Cyprus would reach a deal. The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than 90 points to close at 14,512.(24)
在华尔街股市上涨在塞浦路斯将达成协议的预期。道琼斯工业股票平均价格指数上涨超过 90 点,收于 14,512。

The Nasdaq rose 22 points to close at 3,245. For the week, the Dow lost one-hundredth of a percent; the Nasdaq slipped a 10th of one percent.(25)
纳斯达克综合指数上涨 22 点,收于 3,245。一周,道琼斯指数失去了百分之一的百分比 ;纳斯达克综合指数下滑 1%的十分之一。

The universe is 80 million years older than previously thought. That's according to astronomists working with the European Space Agency.(26)
比以前所认为,宇宙是 8000 万岁。这一论断与欧洲空间局合作的 astronomists。

They analyzed a new, more precise satellite image of cosmic radiation left over from the Big Bang that created the cosmos.(27)
他们分析了从创造了宇宙的大爆炸留下的宇宙辐射的新的、 更加精确的卫星图像。

The scientists now think the universe began 13.8 billion years ago and is expanding more slowly than first thought.(28)
科学家们现在认为宇宙 138 亿年前开始壮大是比最初想象的更慢。

The celebrated Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe died today in Boston after a brief illness.(29)
奇努阿 · 阿切贝在波士顿今日去世后短暂的患病的尼日利亚著名的小说家。

Achebe is best known for telling the history of his native country and the story of Africa after colonial rule.(30)

His first novel, "Things Fall Apart," was published in 1958 and sold more than 10 million copies. In 2008, he sat down with Jeff on the NewsHour.(31)
他第一部小说,"事情秋天分开,"1958 年出版,销售超过 1000 万册。2008 年,他坐下来与杰夫上采访记。

CHINUA ACHEBE, Author, "Things Fall Apart": After my novel "Things Fall Apart" was published, it just looked as if people had been waiting everywhere, in Africa, in Nigeria, in Igboland, to tell their own version of their story, as if something was holding them before.(32)
CHINUA ACHEBE, Author, "Things Fall Apart":后出版了"东西秋天除了"我的小说,它只是看上去好像人已经等了无处不在在非洲,在尼日利亚,在 Igboland,告诉他们自己版本的他们的故事,因为如果东西拿着他们之前。

And it seems to me that that's a very good thing, indeed.(33)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Achebe was 82 years old. Jeff's full interview with him from 2008 is online on our Art Beat page.(34)
HARI SREENIVASAN:阿切贝年 82 岁。杰夫的充分与他谈话时从 2008 年处于联机状态我们艺术拍页面上。

Those are some of the day's major stories -- now back to Jeff.(35)

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