IFPRI Calls for Greater Action to End Hunger
2013-03-15 16:03:01

A food policy organization says there’s been a lot of talk about fighting hunger, but too little action.(1)

IFPRI (IF-pree), the International Food Policy Research Institute, says progress has been piecemeal, at best.(2)
粮食政策研究所 (IF-打包机),国际粮食政策研究所,说进度一直是零敲碎打、 最好的。

IFPRI says world food security remained at risk last year with 870-million people listed as hungry and two-billion as being deficient in micronutrients.(3)
粮食政策研究所说世界食品安全仍处在危险去年与饥饿和 20 亿作为微量营养素缺乏所列的 8 亿 7000 万人。

It’s making recommendations to help speed progress in a new report called Walk the Talk.(4)

IFPRI Director General Shenggen Fan described 2012 as a “mixed year” for progress against hunger.(5)
粮食政策研究所总干事南京农业大学的樊形容 2012年为"混合年"反饥饿方面取得进展。

“On the one hand we do see some positive developments, particularly at the country level.(6)

African countries, India, China, Brazil continue to commit themselves to increase investment in Agriculture, in agricultural research -- to really increase their agricultural productivity at a global level.(7)
非洲国家,印度、 中国、 巴西继续致力于增加在农业方面,农业研究--真的提高农业生产率在全球一级的投资。

Donor agencies, the World Bank, USAID, have also increased their investment in agriculture, in food security and nutrition.”(8)
美国国际开发署、 世界银行、 捐助机构还增加了投资在农业方面,在粮食安全和营养。"

But he said THAT 2012 also saw plenty of talk with little follow through.(9)
但他表示 2012年也看到了很多讲座与小贯彻。

“In 2012, we had lots of debates, discussions, conferences without a clear roadmap – without a clear, actual plan to implement,” he said.(10)
"在 2012 年,我们有很多辩论、 讨论、 会议没有明确的路线图 — — 没有明确、 实际的计划,若要实现,"他说。

Fan said that a lack of political will means that food security did not progress as far as it should have last year.(11)
风扇说: 缺乏政治意愿作为它应该有去年粮食安全没有进展的手段。

Also, following the food crisis in 2008 and 2009, many promises were made to increase investment in smallholder agriculture.(12)
此外之后在 2008年和 2009 年的粮食危机,, 许多承诺了增加小农户农业投资。

Small farms, many headed by women, were described as a key element in reducing hunger and ensuring food security.(13)

Many countries have made progress in supporting smallholders.(14)

However, many other countries have also failed in doing that in providing very much needed smallholder technologies, smallholder market access, smallholder inputs to help them to increase their production, to improve their income and eventually to diversify their livelihoods away from agriculture.(15)
然而,许多其他国家也没有在这样做,提供很多小农户所需的技术、 小农户的市场准入、 小农户投入,帮助它们提高生产,提高他们的收入,并最终使多样化从农业生计。

The IFPRI chief issued a statement saying that “on its current trajectory of tepid promises and unfulfilled commitments, the international community will fall far short of the Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people who suffer from hunger by 2015.”(16)
粮食政策研究所首席发表声明说"对其目前的轨道的不温不火的诺言和未兑现的承诺,国际社会将远远低于人民遭受到 2015 年饥饿人口减半的千年发展目标。"

Supporters of greater agricultural investment in poor countries have often criticized the use of subsidies by rich nations.(17)

They say it puts developing countries at a disadvantage in producing and selling their goods.(18)

Now, countries such as India and China, with their booming economies, are also opting for subsidies.(19)

“Well, this has been a trend, but it’s not necessarily the right trend. So we need to change that trend.(20)

When poorer countries or middle income countries move to a higher level income status, they should try to think very hard why they should follow the more advanced countries,” said Fan.(21)

He said that 2013 is a critical year to both the review the progress of the Millennium Development Goals and set new development goals for post 2015.(22)
他说 2013年是关键的一年对这两个审查设置新的发展目标,到 2015年开机自检与千年发展目标的进展。

“Hungry people, poor people, must be on the top of the post 2015 agenda.(23)
"饿人,可怜的人,必须是邮政 2015年议程上。

And clearly, the whole economy, including agricultural production, food production, has to be sustainable in the long run by using less water and less land and less energy or use them more efficiently.”(24)
很明显,整个经济,包括农业生产、 粮食生产、 有可持续的长远使用更少的水和较少的土地和较少的能源或更有效地使用它们"。

IFPRI’S director general said ending hunger would have implications far beyond nutritional concerns.(25)

“The global community will be more peaceful; probably will be more prosperous because if people don’t worry about the food they have the energy to think something else to improve other dimensions of their life.(26)
"全球社会将会更加和平 ;可能将是生活的更加繁荣的因为如果人们不用担心食物他们有精力想别的,改善他们的其他方面。

And if people have food to eat, they are less violent,” he said.(27)

There’s no excuse, said Fan, for anyone to go to bed hungry, adding it’s time the international community walked the talk on food security.(28)

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