UN Warns of Worsening Situation for Displaced Afghans
2016-11-27 21:00:31

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have been displaced from their homes because of continuing violence in the country.(1)

They face severe hardship as the country’s harsh winter approaches.(2)

The United Nations calls these people “internally-displaced persons.”(3)

They include both those who fled their homes and those forced to return to Afghanistan from neighboring countries.(4)

The UN says more than one million people will be in this situation by the end of the year.(5)
联合国表示,超过 100 万人会在这种情况在今年年底进行。

VOA spoke with some of the refugees. VOA learned that many of them are helped for just one month.(6)

Those who have been displaced for longer than that struggle to find help. Noor Mohammed is one of them.(7)

"I've been here from Sangin for seven or eight years because there is war there.(8)

We have no facilities here. Look, these kids are playing in the dirt.(9)

They don't go to school - there are no health facilities. Winter is coming and we have nothing to deal with it. ".(10)
他们不去上学 — — 有没有卫生设施。冬天来了,我们没有处理它。".

Most of those at risk are women and children. International aid groups believe they are vulnerable to harm, including women like Najeeba.(11)
那些在风险的大多数是妇女和儿童。国际救援组织相信他们是易受伤害,包括像 Najeeba 的妇女。

“The government is not helping us at all. They’ve just left us in these tents without any facilities.”(12)

The U.N. has warned that the number of Afghans displaced from their homes because of war may increase by the end of the year.(13)

But the amount of help is growing smaller as the number of refugees rises.(14)

I’m Bryan Lynn.(15)
我是布赖恩 · 林恩。

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