US Military Prepares for Inauguration of New President
2016-12-26 21:00:58

In the United States, the inauguration of a new president is one of the nation’s biggest ceremonies.(1)

Military officials plan the event using a 12-by-18 meter map of Washington, DC.(2)
军事官员计划使用 12 由 18 米地图上,华盛顿的事件。

The map is so big, it is shown in a large building called the DC Armory.(3)

Officials from across the country have gathered at the armory to plan the 58th presidential inauguration.(4)
来自全国各地的官员都聚集在军械库,计划第 58 的总统就职典礼。

Lucas Hernandez is part of that group. He works for the United States Marine Corps.(5)

“It’s a lot of moving parts.(6)

We’ve got a fairly condensed space where we’re working on the Capitol grounds in a fairly short amount of time where we have to get all of these events done and completed in basically what’s a no-fail mission that day.”(7)

Aaron Lovely works for the United States Army. He says he looks forward to working with other parts of the government on the event.(8)

“We’re actually thrilled as the military to have the cooperative partnerships of the other federal agencies that we get to work with in the city, because we’re moving a lot of people through a lot of people.”(9)

Malik Freeman, who also works for the U.S. Army, says soldiers from all over the country will take part.(10)
马利克 · 弗里曼,也供职于美国陆军说,从全国各地的士兵将参加。

“We have almost 7-8,000 soldiers coming from 40 states,(11)
"我们有来自 40 个国家,几乎 7 8,000 士兵

so we have to ensure that we get them here, move them forward to their mission site, perform their mission on Inauguration Day, and get them back home within that 72-hour window.”(12)
所以我们要确保我们让他们在这里,将它们向前移动到他们的特派团网站,就职日执行他们的使命,让他们回家在这 72 小时的窗口内。"

The weather also can be a concern. It is almost always very cold in Washington in January.(13)

Michelle Watson, who works for the Coast Guard, says that means planners must ensure that troops are not outside for very long.(14)
米歇尔 · 沃森,为海岸警卫队工作,表示手段规划者必须确保,军队外面不是很长时间。

“You don’t want to keep the military members out there longer than they have to be.”(15)

Inauguration Day is Friday, January 20.(16)
总统就职日是星期五,1 月 20 日。

Because of the disputed election, officials are planning for a complex inauguration and many protesters.(17)

They know their plans may change during the day.(18)

Thousands of members of the National Guard will be given the power to detain any protesters who break the law.(19)

One of the largest crowds gathered to attend President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009.(20)
其中一个最大的人群聚集在一起参加主席奧巴馬在 2009 年第一次就职。

But, officials say, the troops did not make any arrests that year.(21)

Major General Bradley Becker is the commanding general of the Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region.(22)

He says the biggest concern for organizers is the number of possible protesters.(23)
他说︰ 组织者最大的忧虑是可能抗议者的人数。

More than 12 protest marches are planned during the weekend following the inauguration.(24)
在就职后的周末计划超过 12 的抗议游行。

On one group’s Facebook page, about 150,000 people have said they will be protesting.(25)
一个组的 Facebook 页面上,约 15 万人已经说过他们会抗议。

About 240,000 have said they are interested in doing so.(26)
约 240,000 说他们感兴趣这样做。

Many groups also are expected to come to Washington to support the new president, Donald Trump.(27)
很多团体也预计来到华盛顿支持新总统,唐纳德 · 特朗普。

One of them is called “Bikers for Trump.” They have planned gatherings throughout the country in the weeks before the inauguration.(28)

They also plan to ride their motorcycles through the city on Inauguration Day.(29)

Stephen Fuller is a professor and faculty chair at the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University.(30)
斯蒂芬 · 富勒是教授和中心区域分析乔治梅森大学的教职。

He believes at least 200,000 people will attend inaugural events.(31)
他认为至少 20 万人将参加就职庆典活动。

And he says as many as one million protesters may come to the city on the day Trump takes office or the day after.(32)
他说多达 100 万抗议者可能在特朗普上任的一天或后的一天来到这个城市。

Fuller says local and federal officials will be able to deal with the large number of protesters.(33)
Fuller 说︰ 地方和联邦官员将能够处理大量的抗议者。

He says one of the biggest security difficulties of the day will be guarding the president-elect.(34)

By comparison, guarding the protesters will be much easier, Fuller says.(35)

I’m Jill Robbins.(36)

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