Illegal Ivory Trade Found in Burma Town
2014-01-13 16:09:46

An undercover team of conservationists has found thousands of pieces of pieces of ivory being sold openly in a town in Burma, also known as Myanmar.(1)

The town is on the border with China, where the demand for illegal animal products is high.(2)

The undercover team included members from the conservation organization TRAFFIC and Oxford Brookes University.(3)

The team found 3,300 pieces of ivory – as well as 50 raw elephant tusks – in Mong La in Shan State in the northeastern part of the country.(4)
团队在旺角 La 在掸邦在该国东北部地区发现象牙 — — 以及 50 原料大象象牙 — — 3,300 件。

Dr. Chris Shepherd, TRAFFIC’s Regional Director in Southeast Asia, said.(5)

“There’s a very large wildlife market full of all different endangered and threatened and illegal species – everything from elephants to tigers, birds, ungulates, all kinds of things.(6)
"那里是一个非常大的野生动物市场充分的所有不同的濒危和受威胁和非法物种 — — 一切从大象到老虎,鸟,有蹄类动物,各种各样的事情。

Ivory, we found a shocking amount of ivory -- a lot more than we’ve seen in the past there. In the past we’ve seen small amounts, but we didn’t expect to find this much.”(7)
象牙,我们发现了大量令人震惊的象牙 — — 比我们过去见过很多那里。在过去我们见过小的金额,但我们没想到能找到这个"。

Surveys in the past found a much different trade in animal products.(8)

“That market has largely been species brought in for sale for meat and traditional medicine and some trophies, but not as much.(9)

It’s been a lot of deer brought in daily for meat, civets, smaller cats, otters, those sorts of things.(10)
很多在每日供肉,果子狸,规模较小的猫、 水獭,这所有的东西带来的鹿。

And then trophies – some cat skins and antlers and horns of species,” he said.(11)
然后奖杯 — — 一些猫皮和鹿角和喇叭的物种,"他说。

Shepherd said that it’s difficult to tell how much of the illegal animal products in the town came from Africa.(12)

“We did find products that were from Africa -- hippo teeth, for example. So, it’s likely. And also the volume of the ivory.(13)
"我们找到了是从非洲 — — 河马牙,例如的产品。所以,它是可能的。和也量的象牙。

It would be terrifying if it was all from Asian elephants given the state of Asian elephants.”(14)

TRAFFIC will report its findings to government officials in Burma and China. Both countries are members of CITES – the Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.(15)
交通将在缅甸和中国的政府官员将调查结果报告。这两个国家是濒危物种公约 》 — — 在濒危野生动植物种贸易公约 》 的成员。

“There are tools to use to tackle this trade to ensure that it’s not crossing the border and that the markets are eventually shutdown, said Shepherd.(16)

He added that China has been doing more than most countries to crackdown on the illegal ivory trade.(17)
他补充说: 中国一直比大多数国家打击非法象牙贸易。

However, he said more must be done to prevent a repeat of what was found in the Burmese border town.(18)
不过,他说: 必须采取更多措施防止重演的什么被发现在缅甸的边境小镇。

For example, he said, “The need for reducing demand in China, for the ivory. We’ve got to kill the market, kill the demand. And I think that’s an incredibly important step.(19)

The other, though, is enforcement and that’s enforcement within China, enforcement within Myanmar, and cooperation between the two countries.(20)
其他,,是执法的但这是在中国、 缅甸、 内执法和两个国家之间的合作范围内执法。

And using CITES as a tool, really, to collaborate and to put this tool into action and shutdown these cross border markets.”(21)
使用濒危物种公约 》 作为一种工具,真的,进行协作,并将此工具放入行动和关闭这些跨边界市场。

Last week, China publicly destroyed six tons of confiscated ivory in Guangdong.(22)

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