Tobacco Forces Still Strong
2012-08-21 20:52:25

This is the VOA Special English HEALTH REPORT.(1)

This month, the Australian High Court ruled in support of a law that bars tobacco companies from putting their logos or colors on cigarette packages.(2)

The European Union is considering a similar ban. But a recent international study showed that some countries do little to control tobacco use.(3)

It found that the tobacco industry still has a strong influence on tobacco use around the world.(4)

Study organizers examined information about three billion tobacco users worldwide. They looked closely at tobacco use in fourteen low- and middle-income countries.(5)
研究主办单位审查信息约 30 亿全球烟草用户。他们密切地看着烟草使用十四低收入和中等收入国家。

They compared this information with tobacco use in two developed countries – the United States and Britain.(6)
他们比较两个发达的国家 — — 美国和英国的烟草使用此信息。

Gary Giovino is with the University of Buffalo School of Public Health and Professions in New York State. He also was the lead researcher in the study.(7)

GARY GIOVINO: “Tobacco contributes an enormous burden to the health care system in developed countries, and that scenario will play out in the not-too-distant future in low- and middle-income countries.(8)
GARY GIOVINO:"烟草贡献巨大的负担,在发达国家,卫生保健系统中,这种情况下将发挥在不太遥远的将来在低收入和中等收入国家。

It already has in many countries -- in India, for example.”(9)
它已经在许多国家 — — 在印度,举个例子。"

The study found that China has three hundred million tobacco users -- more than any other country. India was second, with almost two hundred seventy-five million tobacco users.(10)
研究发现中国有 3 亿烟草使用者 — — 超过任何其他国家。印度是第二个,近 2 亿 7500 万烟草使用者。

Dr. Giovino says the researchers found powerful pro-tobacco forces were active even in elementary schools.(11)
博士焦维诺说,研究人员发现,强大的 pro-tobacco 力量,甚至在小学的活动。

GARY GIOVINO: “The China National Tobacco Company has supported elementary schools in China – dozens and dozens of them.(12)
GARY GIOVINO:"中国国家烟草公司已支持小学在中国 — — 许许多多的人。

And they use their support to promote propaganda about tobacco use, and they are basically telling students that genius comes from hard work and tobacco helps them to be successful.(13)

That to me is mind-boggling, that a government would tell its children to use tobacco to be successful when tobacco will addict them and shorten their lives.”(14)

The study showed that governments and social traditions in many countries are open to influence from pro-tobacco forces.(15)
研究表明各国政府和社会的传统,在很多国家是打开 pro-tobacco 部队受到的影响。

So the Australian court decision is considered important in supporting those fighting to control tobacco use.(16)

Jonathan Lieberman directs the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer in Australia.(17)
乔纳森 · 利伯曼指示 McCabe 中心法律和澳大利亚的癌症。

JONATHAN LIEBERMAN: “It shows to everybody that the only way to deal with the tobacco industry’s claims, sabre rattling, legal threats, is to stare them down in court.(18)
JONATHAN LIEBERMAN:"这表明每个人唯一办法烟草行业索赔处理,sabre 作响,法律的威胁,是要在法庭向下凝视。

It’s a fantastic decision for public health in Australia and globally.”(19)

The study found that, unless urgent action is taken, about a billion people will die early in this century as a result of tobacco use. On average, each of them will lose fifteen years of life.(20)
研究发现除非采取紧急行动,约 10 亿人将死在烟草使用这个世纪初。平均而言,他们每个人都将失去十五年的生活。

And that’s the VOA Special English HEALTH REPORT. You can find a link to the tobacco study – and a video of Dr. Giovino explaining it – on our website, I’m Steve Ember.(21)
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