Can You 'Think and Grow Rich?' A Famous Books Says, 'Yes'
2012-10-31 18:02:03

From VOA Learning English, this is the Economics Report in Special English.(1)

Can you think your way to wealth and success? Napoleon Hill believed that if you think the right thoughts you can.(2)
你可以认为你的财富和成功的方式吗?拿破仑 · 希尔认为如果你认为正确的想法你可以。

In nineteen thirty-seven, after many years of researching financial success and observing people who had become rich, he published the book “Think and Grow Rich.” Even though it was published in the middle of The Great Depression, it was immediately successful.(3)
7:37 下午,经过多年的研究金融成功和观测人已经变得富有,他发表这本书"想和成长丰富。"即使在大萧条中刊登了出来,它是立即获得成功。

It is one of the most-popular non-fiction books ever written. Forbes Magazine says it has sold seventy million copies since it first appeared, and continues to sell copies today.(4)
它是有史以来最受欢迎的非小说类著作之一。福布斯 》 杂志说,它已经售出 7000 万份,因为它第一次出现,并继续今天卖拷贝。

Napoleon Hill wrote at least ten other books about success before his death in nineteen seventy.(5)
拿破仑 · 希尔在十九岁死前写了关于成功的至少十个其他书七十。

But none of them came close to selling as many copies as “Think and Grow Rich.”(6)

SmarterComics has released an illustrated version of the book. Franco Arda is the company’s founder and publisher. He used to work as an investment banker.(7)
SmarterComics 发布了这本书图文并茂的版本。晋佛朗哥是该公司的创始人兼出版商。他曾经担任一位投资银行家。

He started the company three years ago with his own money. He wanted to create picture books that increase understanding.(8)

His versions provide much of the information that is in full-length books but in an easy-to-understand, picture, or comic, form.(9)
他的版本提供很多是在全长书但易于理解、 图片或漫画,窗体中的信息。

Mr. Arda says readers will understand and remember more about gaining success if they read the comic book version of “Think and Grow Rich.”(10)
Arda 先生说,读者会理解和记住更多的获得成功,如果他们读漫画书版本的"想和成长丰富。"

“Because it’s illustrated, it’s a comic book style -- one, it’s easier to read and, two, it’s also easier to remember.(11)

Because once you see something visually, it’s just your brain can absorb it much quicker and then you can retain it much longer.”(12)

Mr. Arda says he first read “Think and Grow Rich” when he was a teenager. He credits the book for much of his financial success.(13)
Arda 先生说,他第一次读"想和增长富有"他十几岁时。他对财务的成功很大学分这本书。

He says it taught him to change the way he thinks about money and success.(14)
他说: 它教他改变他想钱和成功的方式。

“We have to start with your brain first to subconsciously program yourself towards riches that you can imagine, or that you think money and, obviously that you create a plan afterwards.”(15)

Mr. Arda says Napoleon Hill found that you must write down what you want to achieve, how and when you want to achieve it and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.(16)
Arda 先生说拿破仑 · 希尔发现您必须写下你想要实现什么、 如何以及何时要实现这一目标和你是愿意为它牺牲。

Napoleon Hill said you must read that statement out loud every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep.(17)
拿破仑 · 希尔说: 每天清晨当你醒来的时候,每天晚上睡觉之前,你必须大声读出该声明。

SmarterComics says “Think and Grow Rich” proves that “wealth is a lifelong pursuit achieved by believing in the value of personal ideas.” It says anyone can achieve their dreams by refusing to be stopped by temporary problems.(18)
SmarterComics 说:"想和增长富有"证明"财富是通过相信个人想法的价值的实现毕生的追求"。它说,任何人都可以通过拒绝停止由临时问题实现他们的梦想。

And that’s the VOA Special English Economics Report. See parts of the comic “Think and Grow Rich” on our website I’m Chris Cruise.(19)
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