Boaty McBoatface Is Back
2017-03-13 22:02:59

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Do you remember Boaty McBoatface?(2)
你还记得 Boaty McBoatface 吗?

That was the name selected for a new British research ship in an online vote last April.(3)
这是为新的英国研究船,在去年 4 月在线投票选择的名称。

Britain’s National Environmental Research Council (NERC) was building the ship to carry out scientific research in polar waters.(4)
英国国家环境研究委员会 (NERC) 造这艘船进行极地水域内进行科学研究。

As VOA Learning English reported then, NERC permitted internet users in Britain to choose the name of the ship in an online campaign.(5)
据美国之音慢速英语然后,NERC 允许互联网用户在英国在在线运动中选择该船舶的名称。

But, instead of choosing a name connected to science, the British public chose a funny, not-so-serious one: Boaty McBoatface.(6)
但是,而不是选择连接到科学名称,英国公众选择了一个有趣的、 不严肃︰ Boaty McBoatface。

The name received more than 124,000 votes, far more than any other proposed name.(7)
名称收到超过 124,000 票,远远超过任何其他建议的名称。

British officials, however, did not let “Boaty McBoatface” become the ship’s official name.(8)
然而,英国官员,不让"Boaty McBoatface"成为船上的正式名称。

They believed the important research vessel deserved a more serious name.(9)

Not long after the vote, officials announced that the ship would instead be named in honor of British researcher Sir David Attenborough.(10)
在表决后不久官员宣布,这艘船反而会以的英国研究员大卫 · 阿滕伯勒先生的名字命名。

Many people were not happy with the decision. They felt that the name “Boaty McBoatface” should remain. And it did. Kind of.(11)
很多人不满意的决定。他们觉得"Boaty McBoatface"的名称应保持。它做。有点。

Researchers at Britain's University of Southampton have decided to give the beloved, humorous name to another kind of ship: a submarine.(12)
英国南安普顿大学的研究人员决定到船的另一种给心爱的、 幽默的名称︰ 一艘潜艇。

Three small, yellow underwater vehicles developed there now have “Boaty McBoatface” painted on them.(13)
有现在开发的三个小、 黄色水下航行器有涂在上面的"Boaty McBoatface"。

They, too, will carry out research in polar waters. They are not actually boats, however.(14)

Because of that, some people are not satisfied with submarines taking the name "Boaty McBoatface."(15)
正因为如此,一些人感到不满意潜艇以名称"Boaty McBoatface"。

One person wrote on Twitter, “They used the name Boaty McBoatface after all, but gave it to a submarine and not a boat? They ruined it!”(16)
一人写道在 twitter 上,"毕竟,使用名称 Boaty McBoatface 却给了它一艘潜艇和一艘船不?他们毁了它 !"

But, others are celebrating the name’s return. One person wrote: “You’re not a boat...nor do you have a face but don’t let that hold you back.”(17)

Boaty McBoatface may be a funny name, but the submarine’s ability to carry out important research is serious.(18)
Boaty McBoatface 可能是一个有趣的名字,但潜艇的能力,开展重要研究是严重。

One ‘Boaty’ will begin the first major research trip for the fleet later this week.(19)
一个 'Boaty' 将在本周晚些时候开始舰队的第一主要研究之旅。

Boaty will set out from Punta Arenas, Chile, on Friday. It will collect information on the flow of deep waters in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.(20)
Boaty 将从智利蓬塔阿雷纳斯,出发上周五。它将对流动在南极洲附近的南部海洋的深水域的收集信息。

The information will help scientists better understand how the ocean is reacting to a warming climate.(21)

The news made “Boaty McBoatface” a worldwide trending topic on Monday, nearly one year after it first made a splash on social media.(22)
这消息使"Boaty McBoatface"周一,近一年后它第一次在社交媒体上引起轰动全世界的热门话题。

As one person tweeted, “Boaty McBoatface will never not make me smile. So glad it’s back in the news.”(23)
当一个人在微博中分享,"Boaty McBoatface 从来不会让我微笑。很高兴它是又成了新闻。

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