5-Year-Old Girl, Youngest to Make National Spelling Bee
2017-03-09 22:13:42

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Schoolchildren across the United States have been taking part in local and state spelling competitions.(2)

These competitions are called spelling bees.(3)

The young competitors spell words that even some adults may never have heard of.(4)

More than 280 local winners will earn the right to compete in this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee.(5)
超过 280 本地优胜者将获得权争夺中今年的斯克里普斯全国拼字比赛。

The event will take place from May 28 to June 3 near Washington, D.C., at the National Harbor in Maryland.(6)
该事件将从 5 月 28 日至 6 月 3 日在华盛顿特区,在马里兰州国家港口附近。

Most competitors in the National Spelling Bee are between the ages of 12 and 14.(7)
多数竞争对手在全国拼字比赛是年龄在 12 至 14 岁。

But this year, one competitor will be less than half that age -- five-year-old Edith Fuller.(8)
但这一年,一位竞争对手将少于一半的年龄 — — 五岁伊迪丝 · 富勒。

Last weekend, she won an area spelling bee in her home state of Oklahoma. The five-hour competition lasted 37 rounds.(9)
上个周末,她在她回家的俄克拉荷马州赢得了地区拼字比赛。五小时竞争持续 37 轮。

Edith correctly spelled words like sevruga (a kind of Russian caviar); jacamar (a kind of bird); and Nisei (a child of Japanese immigrants).(10)
伊迪丝 · 正确拼写单词像塞弗 (俄罗斯鱼子酱一种);啄木鸟 (一种鸟);与第二代日裔 (日本移民的孩子)。

Her winning word? Jnana, a sanskrit word that is related to having a higher level of knowledge.(11)

Remember, Edith is five. She is the youngest person ever to qualify for the National Spelling Bee.(12)

Not so long ago, when she was just four, Edith surprised her parents when she was able to spell the word “restaurant.”(13)

At that moment, her mom and dad realized their child might have a mental gift.(14)

Her mother told the Tulsa-World newspaper this week, “We knew there was something special there.”(15)

Edith is homeschooled. So, her parents are able to spend a little more time teaching her to spell.(16)

Her mom says learning new words is fun for Edith.(17)

She told Tulsa-World that studying for the spelling bee helped Edith “learn about different countries and cultures and different kinds of food.”(18)
她告诉塔尔萨世界,攻读拼字比赛帮助伊迪丝"了解不同国家、 不同文化和不同种类的食物"。

About two percent of U.S children are homeschooled.(19)
大约 2%的美国儿童是在家接受教育。

Yet, homeschooled kids usually make up 8 to 10 percent of those who make it to the National Spelling Bee.(20)
然而,在家上学的孩子通常占 8 到 10%的那些使它向全国拼字比赛。

Her father spoke with Tulsa’s KJRH’s TV about the benefits of homeschooling Edith.(21)
她父亲说话与塔尔萨的 KJRH 的电视在家伊迪丝的好处。

“We have the freedom to answer her questions, to help her advance at her own pace,” he said.(22)

Now, the Fullers must prepare young Edith for the national bee. But no matter how she does there, Edith is already being called a “spellebrity.”(23)

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