Inventor Is Greatest Job Creator in US History
2012-10-08 05:00:44

The outcome of next month’s U.S. presidential election may turn on one little word: jobs. President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are offering competing recipes for economic growth.(1)
下个月的美国总统大选的结果可能会启用一个小小的世界: 就业机会。主席奧巴馬和羅姆尼的挑战者提供经济增长的竞争配方。

But we can assure you that neither of them will come close to matching the greatest job creator in American history.(2)

In fact, it is said of him that one quarter of all the jobs - not just in the United States but in the world - can be traced to something he thought of and made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.(3)
事实上,有四分之一的所有作业-不只是在美国,但在世界-可以追溯到东西他的思想以及在 19 世纪末 20 世纪初,它是对他说。

Thomas Edison not only invented some of the most practical devices of all time - the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture projector, waxed paper, and much more - his 1,093 patents led to the development of whole industries.(4)
托马斯 · 爱迪生不仅发明了一些最实用的所有时间-设备白炽灯泡、 留声机、 电影放映机、 蜡纸和更多-他 1,093 专利导致整个行业的发展。

Flipped on a light switch recently? Watched a good movie? Ridden up any skyscrapers? Edison invented things that made all that possible.(5)

In the case of the giant office towers, for instance, he developed 46-meter-long kilns into which long sections of concrete, reinforced with steel rods, could be cured.(6)
巨型的写字楼,例如,他发展成混凝土的部分长 46 米长窑、 钢筋,可治愈。

Edison’s vacuum tubes made possible the development of radio and all that has come after it. His pioneering work electrifying rails sped the introduction of subway trains.(7)

Edison even invented ways to invent! Work inside his laboratory complex in Menlo Park, New Jersey, was devoted to what he called “the rapid development of inventions” that would provide “useful things that every man, woman, and child wants - at a price that they can afford.”(8)
甚至,爱迪生发明的方法 !他实验室情结在新泽西州门罗公园内的工作致力于他所称的"发明的快速发展",将提供"有用的东西,每个男人、 女人和儿童欲望-他们可以负担的价格。"

Of his assistants, he demanded - and got - a revolutionary invention every six months.(9)

Often this genius, who had been expelled from school for being “mentally retarded,” supervised the work on 40 projects simultaneously.(10)
通常这天才,人被逐出学校正在"智力迟钝",同时监督 40 项目的工作。

Just as things don’t always go so well for the job-creators of today, Thomas Edison had some ideas that didn’t work out so well. He tried and failed to extract bits of gold from iron ore.(11)
就像今天的作业创造者,事情不总是这么好去,托马斯 · 爱迪生了一些并不会很顺利的想法。他试了又未能从铁矿石中提取黄金的位。

He made a concrete piano that was rather cumbersome, to say the least. And although he made a box in which both a film and music played, he never figured out how to make talking pictures.(12)

Still, as one Thomas Edison Web site puts it, “He led no armies into battle, he conquered no countries, and he enslaved no peoples... Nonetheless, he exerted a degree of power the magnitude of which no warrior ever dreamed.”(13)
然而,作为一个托马斯 · 爱迪生 Web 站点将其放,"他领导没有军队进入战斗、 他征服了无国家和他奴役没有人民......尽管如此,他施加一定程度的电源其中规模没有战士梦想。"

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