At UN, coalition finds little consensus on how to fight extremism
2015-09-29 22:45:45

JUDY WOODRUFF: World leaders met today at the United Nations on ways to combat violent extremism around the world, especially in Syria and Iraq.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:世界各国领导人今天在联合国关于对付世界各地,尤其是在叙利亚和伊拉克的暴力极端主义的办法。

NewsHour’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner is there and has this report.(2)
晚间新闻的首席外事记者玛格丽特 · 华纳是有,这份报告。

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I have repeatedly said that our approach will take time. This is not an easy task.(3)
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:我已经多次表示,我们的方法将需要时间。这不是件容易的事。

MARGARET WARNER: Today’s admission came one year after President Obama formed an international coalition against the Islamic State, with much fanfare here at the U.N.(4)
MARGARET WARNER:今天接纳了一年后总统奧巴馬反对伊斯兰国家,在联合国的大张旗鼓地形成一个国际联盟

The U.S.-led coalition includes some 60 countries, about two dozen taking part in the military campaign.(5)
美国领导的联军包括大约 60 个国家,大约两打参加军事行动的一部分。

The president told the group he is ultimately optimistic, but the date of success was unclear.(6)

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We have ISIL taking root in areas that already are suffering from failed governance, in some cases, in some cases, civil war or sectarian strife.(7)
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:我们有伊斯根在已经遭受失败的治理,在某些情况下,在某些情况下,内战或宗派冲突的领域。

And, as a consequence of the vacuum that exists in many of these areas, ISIL has been able to dig in.(8)

They have shown themselves to be resilient.(9)

MARGARET WARNER: Indeed, this map from the Institute for the Study of War last September shows the Islamic State’s zones of control in Iraq and Syria.(10)
MARGARET WARNER:事实上,从去年 9 月战争研究研究所本地图显示控制伊斯兰国家区在伊拉克和叙利亚。

A similar map this month shows the group has made gains in Central Syria.(11)

In Iraq, the Islamic State still holds the major cities of Mosul and Ramadi, while Kurdish and Iraqi government forces have liberated Kirkuk and Tikrit,(12)

and stopped an advance on the Iraqi Kurdish capital, Irbil.(13)

So far, Iraqi government plans to launch new offensives have come to little.(14)

As for Syria, CBS News now reports the Pentagon is ending its $500 million program to train moderate rebels there.(15)
至于叙利亚,CBS 新闻现在报道五角大楼结束其 $ 5 亿计划培养中等叛军的武装。

The National Security Council disputes that report.(16)

But U.S. officials have said that only a handful of the trainees ever took to the field.(17)

Kurdish fighters have been effective in both countries, but the politics are complicated.(18)

Today, Turkey’s prime minister, a member of the coalition, made a point of saying the Turks were also fighting Turkey’s Kurdish rebels demanding autonomy.(19)

AHMET DAVUTOGLU, Prime Minister, Turkey: All of us, we must be vigilant. One terrorist fighting the other will not legitimize it.(20)
AHMET DAVUTOGLU, Prime Minister, Turkey:所有的我们,我们必须保持警惕。战斗,另一名恐怖分子不会合法化。

We want our partners and friends to support Turkey in its fight against all types of terrorism.(21)

MARGARET WARNER: For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged greater support to build up his military and shut down recruiting for ISIS.(22)
MARGARET WARNER:为他的部分,伊拉克总理海德尔 · 阿巴迪呼吁更大的支持,以建立他的军队并关闭伊希斯的招聘。

In fact, there have been multiple reports that the past year has seen a spike in foreign recruits to ISIS from more than 100 countries.(23)
事实上,已经过去一年猛增到 ISIS 来自 100 多个国家的外国新兵的多个报表。

British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed that.(24)
英国首相 David Cameron 解决的。

DAVID CAMERON, Prime Minister, United Kingdom: So, of course, we have to win militarily. We have to have the political solution. We need all the propaganda I have spoken about.(25)
DAVID CAMERON, Prime Minister, United Kingdom:所以,当然,我们必须赢得军事上。我们必须有政治解决办法。我们需要所有的宣传,我谈过。

But we also need to challenge the extremist world view right at the very start.(26)

MARGARET WARNER: That appeal to beat back extremism was nearly universal at today’s summit.(27)
MARGARET WARNER:这一呼吁打回极端主义几乎是普遍在今天的首脑会议。

But consensus on how to do it remained hard to come by.(28)

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