Vice President Breaks Senate Tie to Approve New Secretary of Education
2017-02-07 23:00:43

The United States Senate has narrowly approved Betsy DeVos to lead the federal Department of Education.(1)
美国参议院勉强通过了贝特西 · 德沃斯领导联邦教育署。

DeVos will join President Donald Trump’s new cabinet.(2)
德沃斯将加入主席唐纳德 · 特朗普的新内阁。

Cabinet members are among the president’s closest advisers.(3)

The president nominates them, but they need congressional approval before taking office.(4)

As the secretary of education, DeVos will oversee the nation’s schools.(5)

She will also assist the president with education policy and legislation.(6)

Controversial selection(7)

If that job description sounds relatively simple, the path to DeVos’ congressional approval was not.(8)

She has been one of Trump’s most controversial cabinet choices – if not most.(9)
她一直是特朗普的最有争议的内阁选择 — — 如果不是大多数。

One reason is that DeVos says she wants to reduce the federal government’s involvement in education.(10)

Historically, the federal government has played a major part in directing the nation’s public school system.(11)

Public schools are free for all students and have a fairly standard education curriculum.(12)

About 100,000 primary and secondary schools nationwide are public.(13)
约 100000 小学及中学全国范围内是公开的。

About 35,000 are private -- meaning students have to pay to attend classes.(14)
约 35,000 是私人 — — 意味着学生不得不花钱上课。

DeVos says she would like to give more power over education to states and to parents.(15)

At her confirmation hearing, she said she wants to move away from “what the system thinks is best for kids to what moms and dads want, expect and deserve.”(16)
在她确认听证会上,她说她想要摆脱"系统认为是最适合孩子们到什么的妈妈和爸爸希望、 期望和应得。"

For example, instead of the local public school, some parents may want to send their child to a private same-sex school,(17)

one that provides training a certain foreign language, or one based on their religious beliefs.(18)

DeVos seeks to use public school money to support the choice.(19)

Some supporters of DeVos say she will bring needed competition to public education.(20)

They say her vision for school choice will also give students from poor families the same opportunities as those from richer families.(21)

Critics say DeVos’ plans will harm public schools and the students who depend on them – especially students in rural areas or those who have a disability.(22)
批评者说理查的计划会伤害公立学校和那些依赖于他们 — — 尤其是在农村地区的学生或那些有残疾的学生。

Critics also point to her lack of firsthand experience of the public school system.(23)

DeVos did not attend public schools or send her children to them.(24)

She has also never been a teacher or school administrator.(25)

Instead, she is a wealthy philanthropist, a major donor to members of Trump’s Republican Party,(26)

and a 30-year advocate for alternative choices to public education, especially Christian schools.(27)
和另一种选择公共教育,特别是基督教学校 30 年倡导者。

Vice president breaks tie(28)

The controversy around DeVos’ confirmation was clear in Tuesday's vote.(29)

After arguing against DeVos on the Senate floor for 24 consecutive hours, all 48 Democrats opposed her, along with two Republicans from rural states.(30)
反对连续 24 小时的理查在参议院之后, 所有 48 位民主党议员反对她,随着两位共和党人从农村的国家。

The other 50 Republicans supported her. The final vote was split, 50-50..(31)
其他 50 共和党人支持她。最后的投票被分裂了,50-50。

Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution has a way to deal with this problem.(32)
幸运的是,美国宪法 》 有的方式来处理这个问题。

It says that if senators are “equally divided,” the vice president makes the deciding vote.(33)

In this case, Vice President Mike Pence supported Trump’s choice and voted in favor of DeVos.(34)

The Associate Press notes that the Senate historian says this is the first time a vice president has had to break a tie in a Cabinet nomination.(35)

I’m Kelly Jean Kelly.(36)
我是凯利 · 琴 · 凯利。

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