Startup Companies on the Rise in Nigeria
2016-09-12 21:00:47

Nigeria is home to a growing number of technology companies and young business leaders.(1)

Some business leaders have been seeking government help for their startup companies.(2)

Recently, several young entrepreneurs competed for a chance to tell President Muhammadu Buhari about their companies.(3)

Nigeria’s technology sector is growing, in part, because of ambitious entrepreneurs like Angel Adelaja, a Nigerian American.(4)

She is chief executive officer of a company called Fresh Direct Nigeria.(5)

It seeks to reduce the country’s dependence on food imports by growing cabbage and other vegetables in containers.(6)

“We take a 20-foot container that you would put a car in to ship and we kit it with hydroponic farming technology and we farm vertically.(7)
"我们采取一个 20 英尺的集装箱,你会把一辆车在船舶和我们套,但与水耕耕作技术和我们垂直农场。

And we're growing premium produce -- vegetables, cabbage, lettuce -- so many different things inside the containers.”(8)
而我们在成长溢价农产品 — — 蔬菜、 白菜、 生菜 — — 容器内这么多不同的东西。

First Direct Nigeria is designed for the expanding class of health conscious people who live in the city.(9)

A business called Grit Systems Engineering manufactures a device for measuring energy use. The company is the idea of Ifedayo Oludapo.(10)
被称为砂系统工程业务制造测量装置的能源使用。本公司是 Ifedayo Oludapo 的想法。

“I am the founder of Grit Systems and what we make is a web-enabled multisource energy monitoring device -- kind of like a utility meter,(11)
"我沉砂系统的创始人,我们制造的是监测设备 — — 有点像电表的启用 web 的多源能量

but it measures power consumption from all the different power sources you have, which is a big deal in an under-electrified environment like Nigeria.”(12)

Emma Okene leads Tracology, another Nigerian company. He and his team created a bar code that is placed on the front gate of a person’s home.(13)
艾玛 · 奥凯内带领 Tracology,另一家尼日利亚公司。他和他的团队创建条码是放置在一个人的家门口。

By using a device that reads bar code information, waste collection crews will be able to know if the home owner has paid for their services.(14)

“Once the utility provider comes to the house all he has to do is just scan this bar code and he knows in real time whether you've paid for that waste or whatever service he wants to offer you and he renders it.”(15)

A total of 30 tech entrepreneurs competed for the chance to meet with the Nigerian president and vice president.(16)
30 科技企业家共争夺会见尼日利亚总统和副总统的机会。

Three were chosen, including Emma Okene of Tracology. He won a prize of more than $8,000..(17)
三个选择,包括艾玛奥凯内的 Tracology。他赢得了超过 8000 美元的奖金。

Last week, the Nigerian economy entered into a recession for the first time in more than 20 years.(18)
上周,尼日利亚经济进入衰退期超过 20 年来第一次。

Government revenue is sharply reduced because of the drop in oil prices worldwide.(19)

So the government is interested in supporting technology companies, hoping they may be able to fuel the economy.(20)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was at the competition last week. He spoke at the end of his first visit to Nigeria.(21)
Facebook 创始人马克 · 扎克伯格是在上周的竞争。他谈到在结束了他第一次对尼日利亚的访问。

“You know, this trip has really blown me away by the, the talent of the entrepreneurs and developers in this country and by the focus on building something that's gonna make a difference and gonna make a change.(22)

I think that if you keep on doing this you're not only gonna shape Nigeria and all of Africa, but the whole world.”(23)

Nigerian government officials hope one of the startup companies can be as successful as Facebook.(24)
尼日利亚政府官员希望启动公司之一可以像 Facebook 一样成功。

I’m Christopher Jones-Cruise.(25)
我是克里斯托弗 · 琼斯-克鲁斯。

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