Fifteen Million Americans Work for Themselves
2016-09-10 21:00:54

About 15 million people in the United States work for themselves.(1)
约 1500 万人在美国为自己工作。

That finding comes from the Pew Research Center, a not-for-profit research group.(2)

The center prepared a report on the kind of work Americans do and the wages they receive.(3)

Pew found that the 15 million people who work for themselves are not always working alone -- even if they do not report to someone else.(4)
皮尤调查发现,1500 万为自己工作的人不总是独自工作 — — 即使他们并没有向其他人报告。

They often employ people to help them do their work, the report said.(5)

In 2015, Pew reported that millennials, people from 18 to 34 years old, became the largest age group in the U.S. workforce.(6)
到 2015 年,皮尤报告千禧一代人从 18 到 34 岁,成为美国劳动力的最大年龄群体。

Millennials replaced Generation Xers, aged 35 to 50 -- as the largest age group.(7)
千禧一代取代代世代,年龄 35 至 50 — — 作为最大的年龄组。

Pew also reported that women earn 83 percent as much as men.(8)
Pew 的报告还女性获得 83%一样多为男性。

But younger women come closer to pay equity. Women aged 25 to 34 earn 91 percent as much as men, the report said.(9)
但年轻妇女走近薪酬平等。25 至 34 岁的妇女挣一样的 91%为男性,报告说。

Also releasing employment information this month was Project Time Off, a group based in Washington, D.C.(10)

The group argues that people should take time off from work both for employees' well-being and more success in the workplace.(11)

An employee who takes time off is not only more rested, but more productive, Project Time Off said.(12)

But the group reported that in 2015 more than half of American workers did not use up all their vacation time.(13)
但小组的报告,在 2015 年超过一半的美国工人没有使用了他们所有的假期时间。

These Americans left 658 million vacation days unused, it said.(14)
这些美国人闲置 6 亿 5800 万天的假期,它说。

Millennials, aged 18 to 34, are the least likely generation of workers to take a paid holiday, the group said.(15)
千禧一代,18 至 34 岁是作业的工人采取的有薪的假期,最不可能的一代该集团表示。

And they generally earn fewer vacation days than older workers.(16)

Another report found that nearly 9 percent of American businesses with paid workers are less than two years old.(17)
另一份报告发现,近 9%的美国企业同工资的工人不到两岁。

That information comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.(18)

A much smaller percentage, about 3 percent, has been in business for 16 years or longer, the Census Bureau said.(19)
小得多的百分比,约 3%,已经有 16 年或更长时间,美国人口普查局说。

The report suggests it is easier to open up a business than to keep it going for many years.(20)

The Pew Research Center’s report provided lots of other information about American workers. Among its findings:(21)

The difference in wages between young workers with college degrees and those with less education is the biggest in years.(22)

Pew said college graduates, aged 24 to 34 and working full time, now earn about $20,000 more a year than young adults without a college degree.(23)
皮尤说︰ 大学毕业生、 老年的 24 至 34 和全职工作,现在收入约为 2 万美元比没有大学学位的年轻成年人更多一年。

Fewer teenagers are working in the summer now compared to the 1990s.(24)
更少的青少年正在夏季 1990 年代现在相比。

In 2014, 32.3 percent of U.S. teenagers had paid jobs in the summer, compared to rates over 40 percent in the 1990s.(25)
在 2014 年,32.3%的美国青少年有报酬的工作在夏天,在上世纪 90 年代相比率超过 40%。

But older adults are working more. In May, 18.8 percent of Americans aged over 65 were working. In 2000, the percentage was 12.8 percent.(26)
但是,老年人工作更多。五月份,18.8%的 65 岁以上的美国人正在工作。在 2000 年,所占比例为 12.8%。

I’m ​Bruce Alpert.(27)
我是布鲁斯 · 阿尔珀特。

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