The Importance of Sharing on Social Media
2017-03-26 22:00:46

What is more important to you when you read a news story on social media: the news agency or reporter who actually wrote the story or the person who shares it?(1)
什么是对你更重要的当你阅读在社交媒体上的新闻故事︰ 通讯社或记者实际上写故事或分享它的人?

A new study has found that many Americans are more likely to believe information shared by someone they trust.(2)

The source of the information is not as important to them.(3)

Survey Results(4)

In 2016, the Media Insight Project did a survey about trust and news on the social media service Facebook.(5)
在 2016 年,媒体洞察项目做了一个调查关于信任和 Facebook 社交媒体服务的消息。

It found that two-thirds of Facebook-using Americans said their trust in a news source had an important effect on their belief of the information.(6)
它发现,三分之二的使用 Facebook 的美国人表示他们信任新闻源中的发挥了重要作用对他们信仰的信息。

Only 48 percent said their trust in the person sharing a story had an important effect on how they much trusted that information.(7)
只有 48%的人表示他们信任的人分享的故事有如何他们更信任这些信息的重要影响。

The Media Insight Project decided to set up an experiment to see if these findings were correct.(8)

Experiment results: Americans more influenced by sharer(9)
Experiment results:美国人更多地受到共享资源

The results of the experiment were different from those in the 2016 survey.(10)
实验结果不同于那些在 2016年调查。

The experiment found that a trusted sharer has more of an effect than a reputable media source.(11)

In other words, people were more likely to believe news shared by someone they trusted.(12)

Many of those questioned did not even remember the source after seeing a Facebook-style post.(13)
很多的受访者看到 Facebook 风格贴后不甚至记得源。

"If there's somebody I like and agree with, they can have a big influence not only in what I look at, but in whether I believe it or not.(14)

I trust them and I convey that trust to the news that they share," said Tom Rosenstiel, executive director of the American Press Institute.(15)

Survey organizers write that "people make little distinction between known and unknown (even made-up) sources when it comes to trusting and sharing news."(16)
调查组织者写"人使已知和未知的 (甚至是自创的) 源,信任和分享新闻的时候几乎没有什么差别"。


The writers say the findings are important for members of the news media, news literacy activists, and social media networks.(18)
作者说,这些发现是重要的新闻媒体、 新闻扫盲积极分子和社交媒体网络的成员。

There has been a lot of talk recently about “fake news” -- misinformation spread through social media and news media organizations.(19)
一直很多最近谈"假新闻"— — 通过社会媒体和新闻媒体组织传播的误传。

Facebook is now taking steps to call attention to fake news stories.(20)
Facebook 现在正在采取步骤,促请人们注意假新闻故事。

"It's important we give people the tools to make smart decisions about content," said Justin Osofsky, Facebook's vice president of global operations and media partnerships.(21)
"这是重要的我们给人的工具,做出明智的决策有关的内容,"说贾斯汀 Osofsky,Facebook 的副总统的行动和媒体的全球伙伴关系。

Critics have suggested that Facebook's decision to identify stories as false, instead of removing them from its website, shows the service is not doing enough.(22)
批评者认为,Facebook 的决定确定故事,像假的而不是删除它们从它的网站,显示了服务做得不够。

The project's findings show that news organizations should pay attention to how stories spread through social media.(23)

They might even want to consider sharing news by competitors in the hope they will do the same, said Rosenstiel.(24)
罗森说︰ 他们甚至可能想要考虑分享新闻在希望他们会这样做的竞争对手。

Readers "are not just your audience anymore," he said. "They're your ambassadors."(25)

I'm John Russell.(26)

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