Orlando Gunman’s Father: ‘I Do Not Know What Caused This’
2016-06-13 20:11:40

The father of the man identified as the gunman in the Florida mass killings says he is "extremely" upset over the incident.(1)

The gunman killed 49 people early Sunday at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Over 50 others were wounded.(2)
这名枪手杀害 49 人周日早些时候在佛罗里达州奥兰多市的一家夜总会。另有超过 50 人受伤。

Seddique Mateen says he has no idea why his son, Omar Mateen, carried out such an attack “during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."(3)
Seddique Mateen 说,他不知道为什么他的儿子奥马尔 · Mateen,进行此类攻击"在穆斯林斋月斋月的"。

"I do not know what caused this,” the father said. “I did not know he had hatred in his heart.”(4)

Seddique Mateen lives in Florida. He calls himself the revolutionary president of Afghanistan.(5)
Seddique Mateen 住在佛罗里达。他自称是阿富汗革命总统。

He has been communicating with the Afghan people through video messages on his Facebook account.(6)
他一直沟通与阿富汗人民通过视频邮件在他的 Facebook 账户上。

Mateen has appointed a “cabinet” for his revolutionary government.(7)
Mateen 已委任为他革命政府"内阁"。

He also has been releasing “orders” and “policy” statements on his Facebook page.(8)
他也已经被释放"订单"和"政策"语句在他的 Facebook 页面上。

Mateen placed a message on Facebook hours before his son attacked the gay nightclub.(9)
Mateen 放在 Facebook 小时之前他的儿子攻击同性恋夜总会的一条消息。

In it, he spoke to those he called, “the revolutionary people of Afghanistan.”(10)

He said they have the ability to arrest the Afghan president, the Afghan national security adviser and Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan.(11)
他说 ︰ 他们有能力逮捕阿富汗总统、 阿富汗国家安全顾问和迈 · 哈利勒扎德、 前美国驻阿富汗大使。

In his video messages, Seddique Mateen is critical of the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.(12)
他视频的消息,在 Seddique Mateen 的阿富汗总统阿什拉夫 · 加尼政府至关重要。

He said that his revolutionary government will help Afghans get rid of the war and corruption and will guarantee a "prosperous” Afghanistan.(13)

In a video message Saturday, Mateen criticized individuals inside the Afghan government who he said are plotting against the Afghan people.(14)
在视频的消息星期六,Mateen 批评他说 ︰ 阴谋反对阿富汗人民的阿富汗政府内部的个人。

He accused the national security adviser, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, of helping the Islamic State group.(15)
他被指控的国家安全顾问,穆罕默德 · 哈尼夫这些,帮助伊斯兰国家集团。

In addition, he accused former President Hamid Karzai of leading the plans and activities of the “Iran and Pakistan-backed” Taliban.(16)
此外,他指责前总统哈米德 · 卡尔扎伊领导的计划和活动的"伊朗和巴基斯坦支持"塔利班。

Mateen traveled to Mexico in early June and sent messages to Afghans from a cruise ship. Before leaving, he said he was on an “official” trip.(17)
Mateen 于 6 月初前往墨西哥和发送消息到阿富汗人从一艘游艇。临走时,他说他是"官方"的旅行。

A VOA reporter spoke with an individual who did not want to be identified.(18)

The person said Seddique Mateen launched an organization called “Durand Line Jirga” for political and financial purposes.(19)
这位人士说,Seddique Mateen 发起组织"杜兰德线族长会议"呼吁政治和金融的目的。

Mateen organized a gathering of Afghans a few years ago in Northern Virginia.(20)
Mateen 组织阿富汗人的聚会,几年前在弗吉尼亚州北部。

A number of people objected because he “pursued his own political agenda,” one person not wishing to be identified told VOA.(21)

“He wanted to establish contacts with U.S. officials and congressmen,” the person said.(22)

Mateen spoke to NBC News about his son’s actions.(23)
Mateen 和 NBC 新闻谈起他儿子的行为。

“This has nothing to do with religion,” he said. “We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident.(24)

We are not aware of any action he is taking.”(25)

He added that his son was “enraged” when he saw two men kissing a few months ago in Miami.(26)
他补充说 ︰ 他的儿子是"愤怒",当他看到两个男人接吻几个月前在迈阿密。

Afghan President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah have strongly condemned the Orlando nightclub attack.(27)

“Targeting civilians is not justifiable under any circumstances whatsoever,” Ghani said.(28)

Abdullah said, “Terrorism and terrorists, as foes of human being(s), are not representing any faith, religion, ethnicity (or) race.”(29)
阿卜杜拉说,"恐怖主义和恐怖分子,作为 human being(s),敌人不代表任何信仰、 宗教、 种族 (或) 种族"。

I’m Mario Ritter.(30)

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