60 years ago, Eisenhower inaugurated the first televised presidential news conference
2015-01-19 23:15:26

JUDY WOODRUFF: So, finally tonight, our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, something that caught our eye that might be of interest to you too.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:所以,最后今晚,我们晚间新闻股一天,吸引我们的眼球,也可能使你感兴趣的东西的时刻。

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the first televised presidential news conference.(2)
今天是第一次转播的总统新闻发布会 60 周年。

And we wanted to show you what President Dwight Eisenhower’s exchange with the press in 1955 looked like.(3)
我们想要告诉你什么总统德怀特 · 艾森豪威尔交换与新闻界在 1955 年看起来像。

It turns out tensions in China and fights over the budget were making headlines then, too.(4)

Here’s a short excerpt:(5)
Here’s a short excerpt:

PRESIDENT DWIGHT EISENHOWER: Well, I see we’re trying a new experiment this morning.  I hope that doesn’t prove to be a disturbing influence.(6)
PRESIDENT DWIGHT EISENHOWER:明白我们想今天早上的新实验。我希望那不能证明要干扰的影响。

QUESTION: In light of the latest fighting, would you consider that it would be useful to have a cease-fire between Communist China and National China, if that could be arranged through the U.N. or by some other means?(7)

DWIGHT EISENHOWER: Well, I should like to see the U.N. attempt to exercise good offices, I believe, because whenever there’s any kind of fighting and open violence in the world, there is always a — it’s always sort of a powder keg.(8)
DWIGHT EISENHOWER:嗯,我应该想看到联合国尝试进行斡旋,我相信,因为每当世界有任何战斗和开放的暴力事件时,总是有 — — 也总是像一个火药桶。

QUESTION: Sir, the congressman on Capitol Hill say that if they can find a copy of the budget to read, that they can’t understand it.(9)

Is there anything you can do to tell these people who have to vote on this where the money is to be spent?(10)

DWIGHT EISENHOWER: It’s my understanding that’s what the committees of Congress are for.(11)
DWIGHT EISENHOWER:这是我的理解那就是美国国会委员会。

And that’s is what the people that appear before these committees are for.(12)

And I can’t be expected to take the details of a volume like that, which I forget the number of pages, and explain that in detail to individuals anywhere.(13)

QUESTION: Tomorrow is the second anniversary of your inauguration.(14)

I wonder if you would care to give us an appraisal of your first two years and tell us something of your hopes for the next two or maybe even the next six.(15)

DWIGHT EISENHOWER: It looks like a loaded question.(16)

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