News Wrap: Kabul suicide attack darkens Afghan presidential inauguration
2014-09-29 22:50:59

JUDY WOODRUFF: The president’s remarks about the threat posed by the terrorist group known as the Islamic State prompted pushback in Washington today.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:总统的讲话关于称为伊斯兰国家的恐怖集团的威胁今天提示在华盛顿的施法。

At the same time, the group’s war for dominance in the Middle East threatened to spill over another border.(2)

Turkish tanks took up positions along the border today overlooking the besieged Syrian town of Kobani, where Islamic State forces are battling Kurdish fighters.(3)
土耳其的坦克占据边境今天俯瞰 Kobani 被围困叙利亚城镇,在伊斯兰国家的部队正在和库尔德武装分子的阵地。

Stray mortar shells landed inside Turkey, as thousands of Syrian Kurds escaped into that country.(4)

MAN (through interpreter): We fled from cruelty. The dogs of the Islamic State went into our village and destroyed our farming lands. (5)
MAN (through interpreter):我们逃离残酷。这个伊斯兰国家的狗走进我们的村庄,摧毁我们耕种土地。

Now we cross to Turkey. I hope Turkey will accept us.(6)

Otherwise, we will seek shelter from the Arabs.(7)

JUDY WOODRUFF: U.S. airstrikes hit Islamic State positions near Kobani over the weekend and again overnight.(8)
JUDY WOODRUFF:美国空袭在周末打在 Kobani 附近的伊斯兰国家立场和再一次在一夜之间。

JUDY WOODRUFF: As for Syria, Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem addressed the U.N. General Assembly today(9)
JUDY WOODRUFF:至于叙利亚外交部长瓦利德 · 穆阿利姆解决联大今天

and hinted at Assad regime supports for the airstrikes against Islamic State and other militants.(10)

WALID AL-MOALLEM, Syrian Foreign Minister (through interpreter): We believe that priority should be given to work on the concerted efforts of the international community to combat the terrorism of ISIS(11)
瓦利德 · 穆阿利姆、 叙利亚外交部长 (通过翻译): 我们认为应优先致力于国际社会共同努力打击恐怖主义的伊希斯

and Jabhat al-Nusra and other al-Qaida affiliates.(12)
Jabhat 基地说不和其他基地组织分支机构中。

JUDY WOODRUFF: The al-Qaida-backed al-Nusra Front has fought the Syrian government and been at odds with Islamic State since it broke with al-Qaida last year.(13)
JUDY WOODRUFF:基地基地组织支持的基地说不前面有战斗,叙利亚政府和它与基地组织打破了去年以来与伊斯兰国家。

But now that both factions are being hit by airstrikes, al-Nusra’s leader warned on Sunday of retaliation against Western targets.(14)
但现在,这两个派别正在遭受空袭,al 说不领袖警告在周日对西方目标进行报复。

 ABU MOHAMMED AL-GOLANI, Al-Nusra (through interpreter): Muslims will not stand idly by and watch Muslims be bombed and killed in their countries while you are safe in yours.(15)
 ABU MOHAMMED AL-GOLANI, Al-Nusra (through interpreter):穆斯林将不会袖手旁观和观看穆斯林被轰炸和杀死在他们的国家,虽然你是安全的在你。

The price of war will not be paid by your leaders alone. You will pay the biggest price.(16)

JUDY WOODRUFF: Despite such warnings, the White House gave no sign today of easing off the air campaign.(17)
JUDY WOODRUFF:尽管有这些警告,白宫给没有今天的空袭行动纾缓的迹象。

We will delve deeper into what U.S. intelligence knew, and what it should have known, about the Islamic State challenge later in the program.(18)

Afghanistan inaugurated a new president today for the first time in a decade.(19)

Ashraf Ghani will head the new power-sharing government, succeeding Hamid Karzai.(20)
阿什拉夫 · 甘尼将领导新的权力分享政府,接替哈米德 · 卡尔扎伊。

Ghani was sworn in at a ceremony in Kabul. He, in turn, swore in presidential rival Abdullah Abdullah as his chief executive.(21)

Ghani also made a new appeal for peace.(22)

PRESIDENT ASHRAF GHANI, Afghanistan (through interpreter): Fighting is not the solution to the political differences.(23)
PRESIDENT ASHRAF GHANI, Afghanistan (through interpreter):战争不是解决政治分歧的办法。

We proved that political differences can be solved through political negotiations.(24)

Therefore, I call upon the oppositions of the government, especially the Taliban and others, to join political talks.(25)

JUDY WOODRUFF: The Inauguration Day ceremony was marred by a suicide attack in Kabul minutes before Ghani was sworn in.(26)
JUDY WOODRUFF:总统就职仪式上受到自杀式袭击喀布尔分钟之前加尼宣誓就职。

It left seven people dead and blew out windows at a checkpoint near the city’s airport.(27)

Security forces flooded the scene. The Taliban claimed responsibility.(28)

New fighting erupted in part of Eastern Ukraine today, as rebels backed by Russia shelled Ukrainian troops at Donetsk.(29)

Officials said 12 people were killed, including seven Ukrainian soldiers, in the worst cease-fire violations in more than a week.(30)
官员称 12 人丧生,包括 7 名乌克兰士兵在严重违反停火,在超过一周。

Meanwhile, Russia warned that it will retaliate if the European Union or Ukraine pushes ahead with a free trade agreement.(31)

The prime minister of Israel painted Islamic State and the Palestinian group Hamas today as part of the same threat to humanity.(32)

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the United Nations General Assembly and criticized leaders who praise attacks on Islamic State fighters,(33)
本雅明 · 内塔尼亚胡对联合国大会和批评的领导人称赞对伊斯兰国家的战士,攻击的人说话

but condemn Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza.(34)

He called them branches of the same poisonous tree.(35)

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel: As Hamas’ charter makes clear, Hamas’ immediate goal is to destroy Israel. But Hamas has a broader objective.(36)
BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel:正如哈马斯的宪章 》 明确指出,哈马斯的立即目标是消灭以色列。但哈马斯有更广泛的目标。

They also want a caliphate.(37)

So when it comes to their ultimate goals, Hamas is ISIS, and ISIS is Hamas.(38)

And what they share in common, all militant Islamists share in common.(39)

JUDY WOODRUFF: Netanyahu also likened militant Islam to Nazism.(40)
JUDY WOODRUFF:内塔尼亚胡也比作纳粹的伊斯兰激进分子。

And he blasted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for accusing Israel of carrying out — quote — “a war of genocide” in Gaza.(41)
他炮轰巴勒斯坦权力机构主席马哈茂德阿巴斯指责以色列实施的 — — 报价 — —"种族灭绝战争"在加沙地带。

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law requiring colleges to define when someone consents to sex.(42)
加州州长杰里 · 布朗签署了一项法律要求院校来定义时有人同意发生性关系。

The statute is the first in the nation and it calls for — quote — “an affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement.” (43)
规约 》 是全国第一,它呼吁 — — 报价 — —"肯定、 有意识的和自愿的协议"。

It also mandates faculty training in handling complaints, plus student access to counseling and care.(44)

Opponents had argued it’s not the state’s business to define sexual consent.(45)

The nation’s leading pediatricians group recommended today that sexually active teenage girls use long-acting birth control.(46)

The American Academy of Pediatrics called for greater use of IUDs or hormonal implants to reduce pregnancy rates.(47)

The group still recommends condoms as well, both for birth control and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.(48)

Bank customers are shelling out more on fees than they were year ago.(49)

The Web site reports that charges for using out-of-network ATMs jumped 5 percent, to a record $4.35 per transaction.(50)
Web 站点 报告使用了网络自动取款机收费跳 5%,至记录每笔交易 4.35 美元。

Average overdraft fees were nearly $33. Banks have raised those fees to make up for federally imposed curbs on other fees.(51)
平均透支费了近 33 美元。各银行募集到这些费用是为了弥补其他费用由联邦政府强加限制。

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones industrial average lost nearly 42 points to close at 17,071.(52)
今天,在华尔街道琼斯工业平均指数失去近 42 点,收于 17,071。

The Nasdaq fell six points to close below 4,506. And the S&P 500 slipped five to finish under 1,978.(53)
纳斯达克综合指数下跌 6 点,收低于 4,506。S & P 500 滑五完成下 1,978。

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