San Francisco Musicians Create 'New' Classical Music
2013-12-11 18:59:58

California has long been seen as the place in the U.S. where new ideas are tested.(1)

A group of young artists in San Francisco are continuing that trend, giving new life to an old field: opera and European classical music.(2)
一群年轻的艺术家在三藩市正在继续这一趋势,新的生活给旧字段: 歌剧和欧洲古典音乐。

There’s a well-worn path that conservatory students take after graduation.(3)

Amy Foote, a newly minted opera singer, says normally it was expected that…“I would perform in community opera productions and that I would audition for young artists programs and getting a church gig.(4)

Also, for instrumentalists, I think it is expected that you would take orchestral excerpt auditions.”(5)

But like most artists, Foote had bigger dreams.(6)

“I wanted to perform new classical chamber music, so I made sure that I could,” she said.(7)

Foote is not alone, either in her drive or in her desire to seek a new way to make a career in the field of European classical music.(8)

In fact, she’s part of a trend among her former classmates at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.(9)

“What I saw out of the San Francisco Conservatory were these students who were very interested in developing their own projects in an entrepreneurial way," said Sidney Chen, an editor for NewMusicBox, a web publication that covers new American orchestral work.(10)
西德尼 · 陈、 编辑器 NewMusicBox,涵盖新美国交响乐作品的 web 出版物的表示:"我看到了旧金山音乐学院是这些学生们对很感兴趣的创业之路,开发其自己的项目"。

"They’ve said that where opportunities don’t exist, they’ve decided to create them.”(11)

This push towards entrepreneurial risk-taking arose in an organic and spontaneous fashion.(12)

Though it’s not something they teach students at the San Francisco Conservatory, several conservatory professors have recently taken it upon themselves to work with the school’s recent alumni in a new and exciting way.(13)

“They’re our collaborators now. They’re writing music for us,” said Conservatory graduate Matt Linder, a member of the classical guitar group Mobius Trio.(14)
"他们现在我们的合作者。上海音乐学院研究生马特 Linder,古典吉他组莫比乌斯三重奏的成员说: 他们要对我们来说,写音乐"。

The title cut off the Mobius Trio’s new album "Last Light" was written by the head of the Conservatory’s composition department, Professor Dan Becker.(15)
切断 Mobius 三重奏的新专辑"最后之光"的标题是写的该学院的组成系主任、 教授丹 · 贝克尔。

Mobius had another song written for them by music history professor Luciano Chessa.(16)
莫比乌斯已经为他们的音乐历史教授 Luciano Chessa 写的另一首歌。

“These are people who command very real commission fees for a reason," LInder said. "They are known composers.(17)

But they’ve been incredibly generous in terms of donating part of their commission fee to us.”(18)

Becker also collaborated with another group of alumni, the Friction Quartet, on an hour-long work for dance and string quartet.(19)

In the case of Amy Foote’s group, Nonsemble 6, a professor got them a booking that led to a national tour, starting clear across the country in Washington, D.C..(20)
如果艾米富特组,Nonsemble 6 教授有它们导致了一次全国巡回演出,预订开始在华盛顿特区全国各地明确。

“Mary Ellen Poole, the Dean, gave us the opportunity of going to the Kennedy Center," she said. "That’s awesome.”(21)
"玛丽埃伦 · 普尔,院长,给了我们机会去肯尼迪中心,"她说。"这是令人敬畏"。

​In classical fields like opera and concert music, there is often a lament that no new work is being created. According to Chen of NewMusicBox, this experiment is helping address that problem too.(22)
在像歌剧和音乐会音乐的古典领域,往往是没有新的工作正在创建悲叹。根据 NewMusicBox 陈这个实验帮助太解决这一问题。

​“We’ve seen several years of very concentrated activity specifically centered on contemporary music. That’s also unusual," he said.(23)

"It’s not just that there’s a string quartet that plays Beethoven very well.(24)

What we’re seeing now is a whole string of performers coming out of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music who are all very committed to contemporary music and in some cases, exclusively committed to contemporary music.”(25)

It is self-evident that these collaborations are helping these young artists, but they are doing something much more.(26)

In an increasingly disassociated and global era, this new way of working has created a unique, local phenomenon that enriches the lives of San Francisco music lovers and creates for them and for the artists a true sense of community.(27)
在越来越多地解除关联和全球的时代,这个新的工作方式已创建一个独特的、 本地的现象,丰富生活的旧金山音乐爱好者,并创建为他们和为艺术家真正意义上的社会。

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