美国农民心声:只想静静地做生意 不想打贸易战
2018-08-10 05:39:00

The rolling in robust fields of soybean growing on Fred Grieder Illinois farm would be a welcome sign most years, indicating a promising harvest in the fall.(1)
弗雷德 格里德(Fred Grieder)在伊利诺斯州的农场片片嫩绿,这么多年来,这一直都是可喜可贺的信号, 预示着秋天的大丰收。

The tariffs are turning away potential customers overseas,and Grieder estimates he could lose around $100 an acre if the trade war continues.(2)

It's a squeeze, a squeeze acknowledged by the Trump administration,prompting the US Department of Agriculture to plan a twelve billion dollar aid package to help farmers like Grieder.(3)
有些人要勒紧裤腰带过日子了,特朗普政府也承认这一点, 所以政府敦促农业部筹划价值120亿美元的援助包,支援像格里德一样的农民。

If you take the twelve billion which assuming it'll all go to beans which it won't and divide that buy our planted acreage just about fourteen dollars an acre.(4)
这120亿美元的援助金,假设都换成了豆子(当然这也不可能), 那就相当于一英亩只值14美元。

It's not the Grieder isn't grateful. He'd just rather have trade over aid.(5)

The aid package certainly is appreciated and we appreciate the fact that USDA and the president concerned about us and want to try to make us whole.(6)
我们当然很感激有援助资金, 也很感激农业部以及特朗普总统心系我们,想要保全我们的利益。

But the reality is that the numbers you know large trade war like this are just overwhelming.(7)

This is not a natural disaster. This is a man-made disaster. It's not an act of God, but some would call it an act of foolishness.(8)

Mark Albertson is the director of strategic market development for the Illinois Soybean Association(9)
马克 艾伯森(Mark Albertson)是伊利诺伊州大豆协会市场战略开发部的主任。

He says the trade dispute with China is a greater threat to farmers than the drought of 2012.(10)

But we had mechanisms in place to deal with that, and we always knew that the very next year we would be able to plant our crops again and hope for the best.(11)
但我们当前有机制可以应对贸易战, 而且我们一直也都知道,明年我们还是可以种粮食,并且期盼赚的盆满钵满 。

In this case we don't know that. We don't know what the next year brings.(12)

We don't have necessarily hope of the trade war going away very soon, and it looks like Brazil is all too eager to take away our market share when it comes to China.(13)
我们对于贸易战在短期内结束的事情已经不抱希望, 而且现在看来巴西巴不得抢走我们在中国的市场份额。

Which is farmer Grieder's biggest concern.(14)

Brazil, one of our largest competitors, they're always expanding.(15)

So this could affect our market years down the road, and I'm probably more worried about that than I am just a short-term washout here.(16)

The other challenge is what to do with the soybeans that can't be sold.(17)

It looks like we may end up putting a record amount of soybeans in storage, and when that happens we know from history that the prices will go south.(18)
现在看来,我们可能会囤积史上最多的豆子, 等这一天到来时,根据以往经验来看,豆子价格会跌落谷底。

For now Grieder routine remains the same.(19)

He hopes strong global demand for soybeans outside China will make up for decreasing prices(20)

and is waiting to see if President Donald Trump's trade tactics will work or permanent damage is done to the reputation and reliability of US grain products.(21)
他也在观望,想看看是特朗普的贸易策略会奏效, 还是美国谷类产品的名誉和可靠性会受到永久的破坏。

I support what he's trying to do. I can't say that I support his methods. Methods that could create greater uncertainty and smaller profits for US farmers.(22)
我支持总统的决定,但他的方式我不敢苟同, 因为他的方式会制造更大的不确定性,减少了美国农民的盈利。

Kane Farabaugh VOA news Bloomington Illinois.(23)
感谢收听凯恩 法拉博(Kane Farabaugh)为您从伊利诺伊州布鲁明顿发回的报道。

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