'Fearless Girl' Statue Appears on Wall Street
2017-03-08 22:05:25

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People in the United States marked International Women’s Day in different ways.(2)

Some went on strike and stayed home from work. Others wore the color red.(3)

One investment group in New York City, however, celebrated in a different way. It put up a symbolic statue on Wall Street, the city’s financial center.(4)

The statue is of a small, young girl. She is standing in a strong, confident, and defiant way.(5)
这座雕像是少量的年轻的女孩。她站在强大、 自信,和挑衅的方式。

Her hands are on her hips. And, she is standing just across from a huge and well-known statue of a bull.(6)

The work of art is called “The Fearless Girl.”(7)

The group State Street Global Advisors put up the statue. Anne McNally is with the group.(8)
组状态街全球顾问把这座雕像。安妮 · 麦克纳利是与组。

She told Reuters news agency that “The Fearless Girl” helps bring attention to the small number of women in high positions on Wall Street, as well as the lower wages that women working in finance receive.(9)
她告诉路透通讯社"的无畏女孩 》 有助于提请在华尔街,高职位的妇女人数少,以及在金融工作的妇女得到的工资较低。

The group wants that to change, she says.(10)

“A lot of people talk about gender diversity, but we really felt we had to take it to a broader level,” she said.(11)

Under the new statue are the words, “Know the power of women in leadership. She makes a difference.”(12)

Artist Kristen Visbal created “The Fearless Girl.” It was put up very early Tuesday. Many people were surprised to see it the next morning.(13)
艺术家克里斯汀 Visbal 创建"无畏的姑娘"。它被投入了非常早期的星期二。很多人惊讶地看到它第二天早上。

Tourists and locals have been celebrating Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” on social media. It became a trending topic on Wednesday.(14)

One person wrote on Twitter, “The Wall Street bull may have met his match!“(15)
一个人写在 twitter 上,"华尔街公牛可能已经见过他的比赛 !"

This expression means that someone has found someone else that is equal to them in strength or ability.(16)

Another person tweeted, "Hope it becomes a permanent fixture.”(17)
另一人推,「 希望它成为永久的夹具。

For now, New York City officials are permitting the “Fearless Girl” to remain for one week. But, she could be around for a lot longer.(18)

The Wall Street bull statue, for example, was put up in 1989.(19)
华尔街公牛雕像,例如,被张贴于 1989 年。

Italian artist Arturo Di Modica created it. It was meant to show America’s strength and power following the 1987 stock-market crash.(20)
意大利艺术家阿图罗 · 迪创造了它。它是为了显示美国的力量和权力继 1987 年股票市场崩盘。

Artists installed the bull statue without the permission of the city. It, too, was put in place very early in the morning. But it was soon removed.(21)

However, the public demanded that the bull be permitted to remain. So it soon received a permanent home.(22)

Today, the bull statue is a Wall Street icon. Millions of tourists stop by to see the bull every year.(23)

And if she remains, “The Fearless Girl” could become a Wall Street icon, too.(24)

And that’s What’s Trending Today.(25)

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