Ethic Violence in Kenya Raises Concerns Among Investors
2012-09-14 23:28:32

This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.(1)

A recent study shows that investors are concerned about conditions in Kenya. The nation is preparing for general elections in March twenty thirteen.(2)

But, the Kenyan business community is showing less confidence in the health of the country’s economy.(3)

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance and the Synovate research group reported the findings.(4)

Synovate researchers talked to one hundred forty-five business leaders between July and August. A measure of the leaders’ confidence, or trust, was down fifty-three percent.(5)
纬研究人员谈话,7 月至 8 月间的一个百四十五商界领袖。领导者的信心或信任的一项措施是下跌五十三个百分点。

That compares to between sixty and seventy percent a year ago.(6)
一年前的六十至七十 %相比。

Patrick Obath is chairman of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, or KEPSA. It represents more than two hundred Kenya-based companies.(7)
帕特里克 · Obath 是肯尼亚私营部门联盟或凯普萨的主席。它代表了两百多个基于肯尼亚的公司。

Patrick Obath says investors’ trust has fallen because of recent ethnic violence and political problems.(8)
帕特里克 · Obath 说,投资者的信任已下跌是因为最近的种族暴力和政治问题。

PATRICK OBATH: “We normally do a survey every six months on the business community to look at the various indicators that show the way the economy is going and the kind of fears they have, so this is a regular thing that we do.(9)
PATRICK OBATH:"我们通常做调查商界人士,看看各项指标,显示的方式,经济将会每六个月,这种担忧他们有,所以这是经常的事,我们做。

But this particular one showed indications that there is obviously some pessimism about the economy as a result of the activities that normally lead up to the election.”(10)

He also says he knows of some investors are withdrawing their investments. He says two behaviors could lead to economic problems before the elections.(11)
他还说他认识的一些投资者撤出,他们的投资。他说: 两种行为可能导致在选举前的经济问题。

PATRICK OBATH: “Two things happen, one is that if there iss any investment to be done it is delayed until after the election, once things are clearer.(12)
PATRICK OBATH:"发生两件事,一是,如果要做它的任何投资将延迟,直到选举过后,一次变得更加明朗的有国际空间站。

The second thing that we have experienced is that also the spending of people changes because people are also a bit more conscious and they tend to keep money aside just in case things don’t go the way that they expect.(13)

So that downturn is what we normally see every year before election.”(14)

Kenya experienced ethnic violence after disputed presidential elections in December two thousand seven. At least one thousand three hundred Kenyans were killed.(15)
肯尼亚经历 12 2 千 7 有争议的总统选举后的种族暴力行为。至少一个五千三百肯尼亚人被杀害。

More than three hundred thousand others fled their homes to escape the unrest.(16)
超过 30 万人逃离家园逃避动乱。

Since then, Kenyans have experienced four years of relative security. A new constitution is in place.(17)

It is meant to prevent the kinds of anger and political struggles that caused the violence five years ago.(18)

But Kenya is not completely calm. Many people have died because of ethnic violence between competing communities in the Tana Delta area.(19)

Patrick Obath says the violence has not helped investors' confidence. He says it also harms his country’s image around the world.(20)
帕特里克 · Obath 说暴力行为不了投资者的信心。他说: 它也损害了他的国家的形象在世界各地。

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Reporting by Mohammed Yusuf for VOA News(23)
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