Google Doodle Celebrates Indonesia’s Komodo Dragons
2017-03-06 22:02:37

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The internet search company Google celebrated the 37th anniversary of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park with its latest ‘Google Doodle.’(2)
互联网搜索公司谷歌庆祝第 37 周年的印度尼西亚的科莫多国家公园与它最新的 ' 谷歌涂鸦 '。

‘Google Doodles’ are special, short-term changes of the Google homepage that mark special events, holidays, or people.(3)
'谷歌涂鸦' 是特殊的、 短期的谷歌首页变化,标记特殊事件、 假期或人。

On Monday, Google’s homepage featured an animated drawing of the komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard species.(4)

Komodo dragons are two to three meters long, and can weigh over 100 kilograms.(5)
科莫多龙是两至三米长,和超过 100 公斤。

The Google Doodle included a true-or-false quiz about the huge and scaly creatures.(6)
谷歌涂鸦包括真或假的巨大、 有鳞的生物测验。

For example, users learn that komodo dragons eat more than half of their own body weight in just one meal.(7)

And they can smell a possible “meal” from as many as 10 kilometers away.(8)
而且他们能闻到一种可能从多达 10 公里之遥的"套餐"。

Google users can click the Doodle to read more about the species as well as the Indonesian park that protects them.(9)

Komodo National Park is within Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands.(10)

It was formed in March of 1980, and is home to more than 5,000 komodo dragons.(11)
它成立于 1980 年 3 月,回家五千多巨蜥。

They have lived in this harsh part of Indonesia for millions of years.(12)

Today, Indonesia is the only place in the world where komodo dragons exist in the wild.(13)

Along with the huge lizard species, Komodo National Park is also home to more than 70 kinds of birds, Google reports.(14)
以及巨大的蜥蜴物种,科莫多国家公园也是家庭对超过 70 多种鸟类,Google 的报告。

Its waters are filled with sea turtles, dolphins and thousands of kinds of fish. And, many Timor deer also live within the park.(15)
其水域充斥着海龟、 海豚和成千上万的不同种类的鱼。而且,许多帝汶鹿也居住在公园内。

They are a main source of food for the komodo dragons.(16)

And that’s What’s Trending Today…  I’m Ashley Thompson.(17)
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