Obama Administration on the Defensive
2013-05-18 00:30:16

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President Obama this week found himself on the defensive on three different issues. Political observers say the issues could threaten his plan of action for his second term as president.(2)

Critics say the most serious threat right now to the Obama administration involves the federal tax agency, the Internal Revenue Service.(3)

The IRS has admitted that agency officials targeted conservative political groups which sought to become tax-exempt.(4)

Organizations that are tax-exempt do not have to pay federal taxes.(5)

The groups targeted for special attention by the IRS oppose many of the administration’s spending and tax policies.(6)

Late Wednesday, the president announced that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had asked for and received the resignation of the acting director of the IRS.(7)
周三晚间,主席宣布库务局局长杰克 Lew 曾要求和收到的代理在国税局的主任辞职。

Mr. Obama spoke after meeting with top officials to discuss a report from the Treasury Department inspector general.(8)

“I’ve reviewed the Treasury Department watchdog's report, and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable.(9)

It is inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it.”(10)

Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered a criminal investigation of the actions by the IRS.(11)
司法部长埃里克 · 霍尔德已下令刑事调查由国税局的行动。

On Thursday, the president said he did not know about the abuses until they were described in news reports last week.(12)

The administration is also on the defensive over the Justice Department's seizure of telephone records from the Associated Press news agency.(13)

The AP said on Monday that the government secretly obtained two months of phone records for some of its reporters and editors.(14)
AP 周一表示,政府暗中获得两个月的通话记录的一些记者和编辑。

Administration officials say the Justice Department is investigating who may have provided information for an AP story last year.(15)
政府官员说,司法部门正在调查谁可能提供一个 AP 的故事去年的信息。

The story described an American intelligence operation in Yemen that stopped an al-Qaida bomb plot.(16)

On Tuesday, reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about the phone records. He said President Obama supports the constitutional right of freedom of the press.(17)
周二,记者质疑白宫新闻秘书杰伊 · 卡尼有关电话记录。他说: 总统奧巴馬支持新闻自由的宪法权利。

“The president is committed to the press’s ability to pursue information, to defending the First Amendment.(18)

He is also, as a citizen and as commander-in-chief, committed to the proposition that we cannot allow classified information that can do harm to our national security interests or to endanger individuals to be leaked.(19)
他还,作为一个公民,作为总司令,致力于以下说法: 我们不能允许保密的信息,可以做伤害到我们的国家安全利益或危害个人泄漏。

And that is a balance that has to be struck.”(20)

Attorney General Holder said he had no direct involvement in the Justice Department’s examination of the phone records.(21)

He said the seizure was part of an investigation into what he called a grave national security leak.(22)

President Obama said he makes “no apologies” for a criminal investigation into national security leaks.(23)

Also this week, the administration released 100 pages of e-mails about the attacks on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.(24)
也这一周内,政府当局发表了 100 页的对美国的外交使团在班加西,利比亚的攻击有关的电子邮件。

Ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans died in the attacks last September 11..(25)
大使克里斯 · 斯蒂芬斯和其他三名美国人死于袭击去年 9 月 11 日...

Administration officials first described the events in Benghazi as a spontaneous attack, with no sign of a plot. But they later called it an act of terrorism.(26)

Republicans say the administration wanted to avoid admitting it was terrorism while Mr. Obama was seeking re-election.(27)

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