After 35 years, Music Lovers Again Hear a Rare Violin
2017-03-16 20:34:18

A valuable musical instrument was played recently in its first public performance since being rediscovered in 2015.(1)
有价值的乐器是最近出演以来在 2015 年被重新发现了其首次公开演出。

The instrument, a Stradivarius violin, had been stolen and was missing for 35 years.(2)
该仪器,斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴,被偷了,失踪了 35 年。

The violin has a long history. It was made in the 18th Century.(3)
小提琴有悠久的历史。它是在 18 世纪。

Later, the instrument belonged to Roman Totenberg, a Polish-born virtuoso violinist. He died before the violin was rediscovered.(4)

Now, the violin belongs to one of his daughters and its sound is again being heard.(5)

This week, one of Totenberg’s former students, Mira Wang, played the instrument for the first time since its rediscovery.(6)
本周,它被重新发现以来的第一次的乐器到一个 Totenberg 的前学生,王峥嵘,弹。

She spoke about her teacher, the violin’s former owner.(7)

"I think Roman was one of the most important men I have met as a teacher, and also he was almost like a mentor to me.(8)

And I came from China, I didn't know anybody, and he took me really in as a student and into his family.”(9)

Totenberg’s three daughters all agreed that Mira Wang should perform with the Stradivarius.(10)
Totenberg 的三个女儿都同意王峥嵘应执行与斯特拉迪瓦里。

Amy Totenberg says the former student was close to her father.(11)
艾米 Totenberg 说,以前的学生是接近她的父亲。

"She was my father's protégé. He's certainly had many beloved students but she was so close, and to all of us, to him."(12)

Antonio Stradivari made the instrument in 1734.(13)
安东尼奥 · 斯特拉迪瓦里在 1734 年让仪器。

Roman Totenberg played the violin for almost 40 years. He performed on many famous concert stages around the world.(14)
近 40 年来,北京中央音乐学院演奏小提琴。他对世界各地的许多著名的音乐会阶段执行。

Totenberg died in 2012 at the age of 101.(15)
Totenberg 在 2012 年去世,享年 101 岁。

The Stradivarius was taken from his dressing room after a show. Daughter Nina Totenberg remembers what happened.(16)
斯特拉迪瓦里演出后取自他的更衣室。女儿尼娜 Totenberg 记得发生了什么事。

"He was greeting well-wishers afterwards and when he turned around to go back and get the violin, it was gone.(17)

And they found the case thrown down the stairs in the place where the concert had been and they called the police and the FBI came. ".(18)
他们找到了这个箱子扔到楼梯在音乐会已经和他们叫了警察和 FBI 来的地方。".

The disappearance of the violin remained a mystery for 35 years.(19)
小提琴的失踪 35 年来是个谜。

Then, the former wife of the man who stole the instrument tried to sell it to a violin specialist who identified it.(20)
然后,那个偷仪器的人前, 妻子想把它卖给一位确定它的小提琴专家。

The former husband had once been a student of Totenberg.(21)
与原来的丈夫曾经是 Totenberg 的一名学生。

In 2015, the Stradivarius was returned to Totenberg’s three daughters. They had it restored to playing condition.(22)
到 2015 年,斯特拉迪瓦里被送回 Totenberg 的三个女儿。他们过恢复了玩的条件。

Wang said it was an honor to be the first to play the violin again.(23)
王说︰ 这是一个荣誉,成为第一个再拉小提琴。

"It means a great deal to me that I can use the violin, to be the first one who would bring it to the public.(24)

There's joy, there is a lot of sorrow that he could never see this or hear this and I wish he was with us. ".(25)

The Totenberg sisters say they will sell the violin to a performer or a group.(26)
Totenberg 姐妹说,他们将把小提琴卖给执行者或组。

They want the instrument to again be heard by listeners around the world.(27)

Rare instruments also are musical treasures. In 2011, a Stradivarius violin sold for more than $15 million.(28)
罕见的文书也是音乐的瑰宝。2011 年,斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴卖超过 $ 1500 万。

I’m Mario Ritter.(29)

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