Huge Chicken Confuses, Scares Social Media Users
2017-03-21 20:50:24

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People on social media often debate whether a piece of information, video or photograph is real or not.(2)

If someone does not believe that something is real, they might call it “fake news.”(3)

This week, the main “fake news” Twitter debate has centered on a video of a chicken.(4)
这一周,主要的"假新闻"Twitter 辩论都集中在一只鸡的视频。

The one-minute video shows a black and white chicken looking out of a small structure called a chicken coop.(5)

At first, it appears to be a normal bird.(6)

But then, a huge chicken foot comes out of the coop followed by the rest of the bird.(7)
但是,然后,一个巨大的鸡脚出来的 coop 紧接着其余的鸟。

The extremely large chicken begins to flap its equally huge wings and strut around. It appeared to be one very proud bird.(8)

A man from Kosovo posted the video of his chicken to the “Decorative Poultry” Facebook group late last week.(9)
一个人从科索沃派驻"装饰家禽"Facebook 组上周晚些时候的视频,他的鸡。

He wrote of the video, “Enjoy looking at Merakli,” which is reportedly the name of the chicken.(10)
他写的视频,"享受看着 Merakli,",据说是鸡的名称。

The video spread quickly around social media and other sites.(11)

Some on Twitter described the chicken as “scary” and “horrifying.” Some people refused to believe “Merakli” was a real chicken.(12)

One Twitter user wrote the video really shows an adult in a chicken costume.(13)
有一个 Twitter 用户写视频真的显示成人中鸡装束。

Other people believed that the chicken was real, but said its huge size was the result of factory farming.(14)

In truth, the chicken in the video is a real bird. And it is not the product of factory farming.(15)

It is a Heritage Breed Brahma, or simply “brahma chicken.”(16)

The group Livestock Conservancy recently posted information about these chickens on its Facebook page.(17)
牲畜水利组最近发布了有关这些鸡在其 Facebook 页面上的信息。

Brahmas, it says, are often called the “King of All Poultry.”(18)

They were developed in America in the 1800s from very large birds that came from China and India.(19)
他们开发了在美国在 19 世纪从来自中国和印度的很大鸟。

By the early 1900s, brahma chicken meat was hugely popular in the United States.(20)
梵天鸡肉被 20 世纪初,在美国非常受欢迎。

Despite these answers, it seems, people remain terrified of the large bird.(21)

As one person tweeted, “was about to fall asleep, but just remembered I live on the same planet as that huge chicken.”(22)

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