Former Iraqi Kurd Fighter Turns to Wine Making
2016-07-31 21:00:32

Nabaz carefully poured red wine into a glass, then another glass.(1)
Nabaz 小心地倒入一杯,然后再来一杯红酒。

He set the bottle down and looked at the small group of people he had never met.(2)

Then, he offered them his wine.(3)

This was the first time that Nabaz himself had offered his homemade alcohol to others.(4)
这是 Nabaz 自己提供了他自家酿造的酒,给别人的第一次。

"I was a little anxious to see the reaction," he said later.(5)

"Obviously this to me is a work of art, and all art depends on how people see it and evaluate it."(6)

For Nabaz, the small gathering has special meaning. The wine tasting event was, in some ways, a triumph.(7)
为 Nabaz,小型聚会具有特别意义。品酒活动在某种程度上,是一个胜利。

"I felt this was extending a hand of friendship, of offering something unique from Kurdistan,(8)

and offering something for the very first time by Iraqi Kurdistan to the outside world," he said.(9)

Nabaz and modern Kurdish history(10)
Nabaz 和库尔德近代史

The Iran-Iraq War lasted from 1980 to 1988. During that period, some Kurdish militants in Iraq sided with Iran.(11)
伊朗-伊拉克战争持续了从 1980 年到 1988 年。在此期间,一些库尔德武装分子在伊拉克与伊朗站在一边。

Then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordered his forces to take steps to punish the Kurds.(12)

In a seven-month offensive, between 50,000 to 100,000 Kurdish villagers died or disappeared.(13)
在 7 月攻势,村民之间 50,000 到 100,000 库尔德人死亡或失踪。

Nabaz had studied civil engineering while in school.(14)
Nabaz 研究了学校土建工程。

Yet he decided to leave engineering behind and fight against Saddam Hussein’ forces.(15)
然而,他决定留下工程和打击萨达姆 · 侯赛因 ' 部队。

He joined the Kurdish fighters in the mountains for eight years.(16)

"It was the most meaningful period of my life," he said.(17)

It was during the time in the mountains that Nabaz noticed Kurdistan's grape crops.(18)
它当时在山中,Nabaz 注意到库尔德斯坦的葡萄作物。

Most of the grapes were used to make juice or raisins.(19)

Nabaz loved wine, and decided to explore different ways to produce it.(20)
Nabaz 爱酒,并决定探索不同的方法来生产这些产品。

For the past six years, he has experimented with different grapes and different wine-making processes.(21)

Now he has his own wine, which he calls "21 Rays".(22)
现在,他有他自己的酒,他称之为"21 射线"。

The name comes from the rays of light on the Kurdish flag -- and the strong sunlight that shines on the area.(23)
名字来自光线库尔德旗帜 — — 和强烈的阳光照射在该地区。

Nabaz says wine lovers in London have praised his product.(24)
Nabaz 说,在伦敦的葡萄酒爱好者有赞扬他的产品。

But in Kurdistan, "21 Rays" remains a secret. Stores do not sell his wine.(25)
但在库尔德斯坦,"21 射线"依然是一个秘密。商店不卖他的酒。

The grape growers do not know that Nabaz uses their fruit for wine. Only Nabaz's close family know about his wine making.(26)
葡萄种植者不知道,Nabaz 使用它们的果实的酒。只有 Nabaz 的亲密的家庭知道关于他的酿酒。

Wine is sold in Kurdistan, but usually only in Christian neighborhoods.(27)

Nabaz's family is Muslim. Observant Muslims do not make, sell, or drink wine.(28)
Nabaz 的家庭是穆斯林。细心的穆斯林不做,出售,或喝葡萄酒。

If members of Nabaz's extended family knew that he made wine, they would not approve.(29)
如果 Nabaz 的大家庭的成员知道他作酒,他们不会批准。

Respect for Islam keeps Nabaz from selling his wine, but fear also plays a role in his decision.(30)
对伊斯兰教的尊重保持 Nabaz 从出售他的酒,但恐惧的他的决定也有作用。

"Daesh is only a few tens of kilometers away," Nabaz said. "One has to be discreet."(31)
"Daesh 仅数十公里之遥,"Nabaz 说。"人有要谨慎小心"。

Daesh is the local name for Islamic State fighters.(32)
Daesh 是伊斯兰国家战士的本地名称。

Nabaz plans to produce a few hundred bottles of wine after the upcoming harvest.(33)
Nabaz 计划在即将到来的收获后生产几个几百瓶酒。

He does not use machines; instead, his close family members take the grapes and crush them.(34)

For now, "21 Rays" will remain a secret in Kurdistan, known only to a few.(35)
现在,"21 射线"仍将在库尔德斯坦,只有几个知道的秘密。

I’m John Russell.(36)

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