New York Celebrates the Arts of Cambodia
2013-05-16 00:30:33

Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC from VOA Learning English.(1)

I’m June Simms.(2)
我 6 月西姆斯。

Today, we play hit songs from the songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.(3)
今天,我们玩从写歌队的杰瑞 Leiber 和迈克斯托勒的热门的歌曲。

We also talk about “The Great Gatsby,” the movie that opened the Cannes International Film Festival this week.(4)

But first we explore the culture of Cambodia on display this spring in New York City.(5)

Season of Cambodia(6)

Most of Cambodia’s artists -- an estimated 80 percent -- were killed when the Khmer Rouge ruled the country in the 1970s.(7)
红色高棉统治国家的 1970 年代的柬埔寨的艺术家 — — 估计有 80%— — 大部分被炸死。

The artists were among about two million victims of Khmer Rouge rule.(8)
艺术家们在约 200 万受害者中的红色高棉统治。

Their skills and knowledge were lost because Cambodian culture is largely oral, passing from person to person through word of mouth.(9)

In the past 20 years, a new generation of Cambodians has sought to reclaim those traditions and invent new forms of art.(10)
在过去 20 年,一代新的柬埔寨人设法收回这些传统和发明新的艺术形式。

Steve Ember tells about a cultural program designed to help support that effort.(11)

The program, called “Season of Cambodia,” is taking place all around New York City. It began with a gathering of Buddhist religious workers.(12)

There have been musical performances, films, art shows and dance by more than 120 visiting Cambodian artists.(13)
有音乐表演、 电影、 艺术表演和舞蹈超过 120 点前往柬埔寨的艺术家。

Phlouen Prim leads Cambodian Living Arts, the group that organized the festival.(14)
Phlouen 图元带领柬埔寨生活艺术,举办艺术节的组。

“It’s one step further to fulfill the organization’s vision, which is having that, you know, kind of dream of re-imagining Cambodia being seen in the world for its arts and culture, and not just for the killing field.”(15)

Dance is the most-popular Cambodian art form.(16)

At the Guggenheim Museum, seven male dancers performed a new dance called “Khmeropédies III.” The dancers were trained at an early age to perform the part of the monkey.(17)
在古根海姆博物馆,七个男舞者执行新的舞蹈叫"Khmeropédies III"。舞者们被训练在早期阶段执行猴子的一部分。

The animal often represents something important in traditional Cambodian stories.(18)

Choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon worked with Eric Sargis, a specialist on primates, to study monkeys and apes.(19)
编舞 Emmanuèle Phuon 同埃里克 Sargis,灵长类动物,以研究猴子和猿的专家。

“Such as in Africa chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and Eric explained how these particular animals move or how they behave, and we observed that and we made a dance out of that.”(20)
"如在非洲黑猩猩、 倭黑猩猩、 大猩猩和埃里克解释这些特定的动物如何移动或他们的行为如何,和我们观察到,和我们所作的舞"

Khema Wright was a child when her family fled Cambodia.(21)
Khema 赖特是一个小孩,当她的家人逃离柬埔寨。

“So to see my culture actually here in the United States, in New York, it’s amazing.”(22)

Her friend Chhaya Chhoum directs a community group for Southeast Asian immigrants.(23)
她的朋友 Chhaya Chhoum 指示为东南亚裔移民社区组。

“You know, a lot of our community members talk about how, you know, they just want to live to die, because they’ve suffered so much.(24)

And I think the art really rejuvenates and awaken peoples’ sense of community, trust and love for one another again.”(25)
而我觉得艺术真的活化和再次唤醒民族感的社区、 信任和彼此相爱了。

Members of Chhaya Chhoum’s group helped to connect flowers to a work by Cambodian artist Leang Seckon.(26)
Chhaya Chhoum 组的成员帮助连接到工作由柬埔寨艺术家良 Seckon 的鲜花。

The image of a soldier was made with a parachute that fell to earth in the American bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.(27)

The work was used in a “ceremony of reconciliation,” that included Cambodians and former American soldiers.(28)

Arn Chorn-Pond helped to launch Cambodian Living Arts.(29)
Arn Chorn-池塘帮助发起了柬埔寨的生活艺术。

He told the group how playing his musical instrument, a flute, saved his life -- first by protecting him from the guards at the work camp where he was sent, and then from his desire to punish his captors.(30)
他告诉小组如何玩他的乐器长笛,救他的命 — — 第一次由从哪里他被送,工作营的警卫,然后从他的欲望惩罚抓他的人在保护他。

Now, he says, he is using his art to help Cambodians heal.(31)

“I never thought that the flute and speaking is power. I thought that only the burial of guns that’s power. But I was wrong.”(32)

“The Great Gatsby”(33)

Director Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” opened the famed international film festival in Cannes, France, this week.(34)

This was an unusual choice for the festival, which usually opens with a new movie.(35)

But “The Great Gatsby” has been showing in theaters around the United States for more than a week. It has also played in Canada and a few other countries.(36)

“The Great Gatsby” is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book of the same name, which was published in 1925.(37)
"伟大的盖茨比"基于相同的名称,在 1925 年出版的 F.斯科特 · 菲茨杰拉德的书。

It tells about how some rich New Yorkers lived in the “Roaring Twenties.” For Jay Gatsby and his friends, life was full of music, parties and alcohol -- as well as cheating, lies and spiritual emptiness.(38)
它讲述了怎样一些丰富的纽约住在"咆哮二十多岁"。杰伊 · 盖茨比和他的朋友们,生活充满音乐、 缔约方和酒精 — — 以及欺骗、 谎言和心灵的空虚。

Jay Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Carey Mulligan plays his longtime love, Daisy Buchanan. And Tobey Maguire is Nick Carraway, who tells the story.(39)
杰伊 · 盖茨比由莱昂纳多 · 迪卡普里奥扮演。穆里根扮演他长期的爱,黛西 · 布坎南。马奎尔是 Nick Carraway,讲述的故事。

The book has been made into a film at least twice before -- a 1926 silent film based on a stage play and a famous version released in 1974 that starred Robert Redford as Gatsby.(40)
这本书已被拍成了电影至少两次 — — 基于一出舞台剧 1926年无声电影和之前著名的版本发布的主演罗伯特 · 雷德福作为盖茨比的 1974 年。

Mr. DiCaprio told reporters he loved the book when he first read it as a teenager. But he said he did not understand it fully then.(41)

He noted the book’s power to still be read and discussed 90 years after it was first published.(42)
他注意到这本书的力量仍要读取,并讨论了 90 年后首次发表。

This version of “The Great Gatsby” is getting mixed reviews.(43)

The St. Louis Dispatch calls it “swooningly romantic and giddily energetic.” But the Chicago Tribune says the movie is “all look and no feel.”(44)
圣路易斯调度叫它"swooningly 浪漫和帘帷精力充沛。但芝加哥论坛报说这部电影是"所有看起来和没有感觉。

Director Baz Luhrmann says he does not care about the reviews. He says he is used to scoring in the middle when it comes to critics. He says he is just happy people are going out to see it.(45)

And they are -- theaters in the United States sold 51 million dollars worth of tickets on the movie’s opening weekend.(46)
而且他们是--在美国影院在影片的开头周末卖门票价值 5100 万美金。

Along with the film’s stars, “The Great Gatsby” features music from the jazz age as well as more modern offerings from Beyonce, Jack White and others. Jay-Z is an executive producer.(47)
随着影片的明星,"伟大的盖茨比"功能从爵士乐时代的音乐以及更多现代产品从碧昂丝、 杰克白色和其他人。Jay-Z 是监制。

Songwriters Leiber and Stoller(48)
歌曲作者 Leiber 和斯托勒

The songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller helped develop rock and roll music.(49)
杰瑞 Leiber 和迈克斯托勒的写歌团队帮助制定了摇滚音乐。

Among their hit songs are “Hound Dog” and “Kansas City.” Jerry Leiber died in 2011, but Mike Stoller is still writing songs in Los Angeles.(50)
其热门歌曲中有"猎犬"和"堪萨斯城"。杰瑞 Leiber 死在 2011 年,但斯托勒迈克仍然在洛杉矶写歌。

Jim Tedder tells us about how the songwriting team made music history.(51)
吉姆 · 特德告诉我们关于如何写歌团队作出的音乐历史。

“Jailhouse Rock” was one of more than 20 Leiber and Stoller songs recorded by Elvis Presley. It was very popular. But, another song, “Hound Dog,” was an even bigger hit.(52)
"监狱摇滚"是由猫王录得超过 20 Leiber 和斯托勒歌曲之一。它是非常受欢迎。但是,另一首歌,"猎犬狗",是更大的打击。

Along with Presley and other artists, Leiber and Stoller were at the center of the rock and roll revolution. Mike Stoller says he started writing with Jerry Leiber when they were 17 years old.(53)
普雷斯利和其他艺术家,Leiber 和斯托勒是在摇滚革命的中心。斯托勒迈克说,他开始写作与杰瑞 Leiber 他们 17 岁时。

“I’d be jamming at the piano and he’d be walking around and shouting phrases out, anything that came into his head.”(54)
「 我会干扰在钢琴前,他会走来走去,喊出任何东西进入了他的头的短语。

The two men wrote and produced a number of songs made famous by The Coasters. The hits included “Yakety Yak,” “Poison Ivy,” and “Charlie Brown.”(55)
该两名男子写和造就出一大批由杯垫著名的歌曲。点击包含"Yakety 牦牛,""毒藤,"和"查理布朗"。

Many Leiber and Stoller songs were recorded by different artists and climbed the record charts at different times.(56)
许多 Leiber 和斯托勒歌曲录得由不同的艺术家和在不同的时间爬上记录的图表。

“Ruby Baby” was a hit for The Drifters in 1956, and then again for Dion six years later.(57)
"红宝石婴儿"是在 1956 年,为在外流连击中,然后再为迪翁六年后。

The Clovers and The Coasters performed another hit by the songwriting team, “Love Potion No. 9.” And more than 100 artists recorded the Leiber and Stoller song, “Kansas City.”(58)
三叶草和杯垫执行的另一种"爱情药水号 9"写歌队命中超过 100 位艺术家录得的 Leiber 和斯托勒的歌,"堪萨斯城"。

Leiber and Stoller worked with singer Ben E. King to create the hit song “Stand By Me.”(59)
Leiber 和斯托勒歌手 Ben E.国王以创建"站由我"受欢迎的歌曲与合作

“Benny has basically the tune pretty much in his head. He started signing.(60)

I went to the piano and started sussing (working) out the chords, and then I came up with the bass pattern – boom, boom, boom-boom-boom, boom…”(61)
我去了钢琴,开始推测出和弦,(工作),然后我看到了与低音模式 — — 繁荣、 经济繁荣、-梆、 繁荣......"

“Stand By Me” is considered an American standard, a song that seems especially American and has stood the test of time.(62)

Mike Stoller sometimes sits at his piano and lets the memories flood his mind.(63)

What is his favorite song? Stoller says it changes.(64)
他最喜欢的歌是什么?斯托勒说: 它改变了。

“My favorite song is always the one I’m writing at the moment because I can’t get it out of my head.”(65)

At age 80, Mike Stoller continues writing songs and celebrating those from his past.(66)
在 80 岁时,麦克斯托勒继续写歌,并庆祝那些从他的过去。

I’m June Simms. Our program was written by Christopher Cruise and Caty Weaver, who was also the producer. Carolyn Weaver and Michael O’Sullivan provided additional reporting.(67)
我 6 月西姆斯。我们的计划是写的克里斯托弗 · 巡航和维可,他也是制作人。卡罗琳 · 韦弗和迈克尔 · 奥沙利文提供额外报告。

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