Several countries temporarily stop commercial air traffic to Israel
2014-07-22 22:09:54

JUDY WOODRUFF: The battle between Hamas and Israel raged on, and prompted some commercial airlines to cancel flights to Tel Aviv.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:哈马斯和以色列之间的战斗进行得如火如荼,并提示一些商业航空公司取消飞往特拉维夫的航班。

By night, Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire kept up a heavy barrage in Gaza City.(2)

By day, Palestinians again counted casualties, now more than 600 dead, more than 500 homes destroyed, and raged against their attackers.(3)
一天,巴勒斯坦人再次清点伤亡,现在超过 600 人死亡,超过 500 家的房子被摧毁,和反对攻击者发怒了。

IHAB AL-BATSH (through interpreter): There is no excuse. They killed innocent children, women and elders who were using this building as shelter. They thought this place was safe.(4)
IHAB AL-BATSH (through interpreter):那里是没有任何借口。他们杀害无辜的儿童、 妇女和老年人作为住房使用这栋楼的人。他们认为这个地方是安全的。

JUDY WOODRUFF: Hamas struck back with new rocket fire, hitting a house in Tel Aviv’s Yehud suburb and lightly wounding one Israeli.(5)
JUDY WOODRUFF:哈马斯袭击了回新火箭,用火击中在特拉维夫的胡德郊区一所房子和轻轻打伤一名以色列人。

It was the closest strike yet to the Ben Gurion International Airport, and several U.S., European and Canadian airlines temporarily halted service to Israel.(6)
它是最接近罢工然而本 · 古里安国际机场,和几个美国,欧洲和加拿大的航空公司暂时停止对以色列的服务。

The Israeli Transportation Ministry criticized the move, saying it would hand terror a prize.(7)

On the ground, military officials acknowledged the deaths of two more soldiers.(8)

They also announced a 21-year-old sergeant, Oron Shaul, is missing and presumed dead after a battle Sunday.(9)
他们还宣布一个 21 岁中士,Oron Shaul 是失踪,据推测死后周日一场战斗。

Hamas had claimed it captured an Israeli soldier over the weekend.(10)

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to keep up the assault, after meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in Tel Aviv.(11)
但是总理本杰明 · 内塔尼亚胡誓言要保持这种攻击,会后在特拉维夫与联合国秘书长潘基文。

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel: What grievance can we solve for Hamas?(12)
BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel:我们可以为哈马斯解决什么委屈?

Their grievance is that we exist. They don’t even want a two-state solution.(13)

They don’t want any state solution. In the face of such extremism, in the face of such violence, in the face of such terror,(14)

Israel has no option but to defend itself. This is what we are doing.(15)

JUDY WOODRUFF: Secretary-General Ban, who will meet with the Palestinian prime minister in the West Bank tomorrow, urgently appealed for the shooting to stop.(16)
JUDY WOODRUFF:联合国秘书长潘基文,明天将会晤巴勒斯坦总理在西岸,迫切呼吁停止射击。

BAN KI-MOON, Secretary-General, United Nations: My message to Israelis and Palestinians is the same: Stop fighting. Start talking.(17)
BAN KI-MOON, Secretary-General, United Nations:我到以色列人和巴勒斯坦人的邮件都是相同: 停止战斗。开始说话。

And take on the root causes of the conflict, so we are not back to the same situation in another six months or a year.(18)

JUDY WOODRUFF: Later, in a videoconference with the U.N. Security Council, Ban said it’s his hope and belief the fighting will end in the very near future.(19)
JUDY WOODRUFF:后来,在与联合国安理会举行视像会议,禁止说它是他的希望和信念的战斗将结束在很近的将来。

Meanwhile, in Cairo, Secretary of State John Kerry continued the U.S. push for a cease-fire, meeting with Egypt’s leaders and the head of the Arab League.(20)
同时,在开罗,国务卿约翰 · 克里继续了停火协议,美国推动与埃及领导人和阿拉伯联盟的负责人会晤。

JOHN KERRY, Secretary of State: While we still obviously have work to do,(21)
JOHN KERRY, Secretary of State:虽然我们仍然很明显有工作要做,

it is also clear to me from each of the parties that I have met with that there is a framework available to end the violence,(22)

and that framework is the Egyptian initiative that has been put forward.(23)

JUDY WOODRUFF: The Egyptian cease-fire proposal is backed by both the U.S. and Israel, but has so far been rejected by Hamas.(24)
JUDY WOODRUFF:埃及的停火提议支持美国和以色列,但是到目前为止已遭哈马斯拒绝。

The militant group, with support from Turkey and Qatar, has demanded an end to the blockade that has crippled Gaza’s economy.(25)

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