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Simone Biles has won more World Championship and Olympic medals than any other American gymnast in history.(1)
西蒙 拜尔斯(Simone Biles)是美国获得锦标赛金牌和奥运会奖牌最多的运动员。

She won four golds at the 2016 Summer Olympics.(2)

She wrote a book about her life, which was recently turned into a movie.(3)

But one thing Biles does not have is a college education. That will soon change.(4)

Biles had planned to go to the University of California Los Angeles after competing at the 2016 Olympics.(5)

But her very busy life made studying full-time at a university nearly impossible.(6)

Instead, she has started taking classes at the University of the People, a nonprofit, online university.(7)

She is working toward a bachelor's degree in business administration.(8)

Biles, who is 20 years old, has also become the university's global ambassador.(9)

Shai Reshef, an Israeli-born businessman, set up the University of the People in 2009.(10)
在2009年,一位名为赛 雷谢夫(Shai Reshef)的以色列商人创办了美国人民大学。

The school offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs.(11)

Students are not required to pay to take the university's classes.The cost is free, because of private and public donations.(12)
学生上课不必交学费。 因为有许多来自个人和公众的捐助,所以无需自费。

More than 6,000 educators and administrators from schools such as Yale University and New York University volunteer their time and expertise.(13)

While there are no tuition costs, students must pay $100 for each exam they take.(14)

The university estimates that getting a bachelor's degree costs about $4,060.(15)

Biles has established a special scholarship in her name to help students with those costs.(16)

It is meant to help students who have been in foster care, like Biles herself.(17)

The school's nontraditional methods work well for Biles, whose life so far has been anything but normal.(18)

I haven't had a traditional school experience for a while, actually going into a classroom and sitting down...(19)

and the traditional way won't work for me and I understand that. So it's okay. Online it is!(20)

Biles was home-schooled during her high school years to make more time for her gymnastics training.(21)

Biles spoke with VOA and other media about her involvement at University of the People.(22)

She also spoke about the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal involving former team doctor Larry Nassar.(23)
她还谈及了美国体操届性骚扰丑闻的被告、前队医拉里 纳萨尔(Larry Nassar)。

Biles has said she is among the more than 250 women and girls that he abused.(24)

Nassar has admitted guilt to numerous sex crimes.(25)

Biles says she hopes that once she returns to competition, people will talk about her abilities as a gymnast, and not her connection to Nassar's abuse.(26)
拜尔斯表示,她希望待她重返体坛之时,大家能谈论她作为一名体操选手的能力, 而非她与纳萨尔性虐事件的纠葛。

I didn't want the headlines, once I go out and compete again, to be -- you know -- that be the title of me, rather than what I have to offer for this sport.(27)
我无意上头条,而且等我复出的时候,我希望报道的主题与我本人无关, 而是专注于我为体操所付出的努力。

Biles says the same drive and hard work that shaped her gymnastics career will help her in her studies as well.(28)

I'm Ashley Thompson.(29)
艾希莉 汤普森(Ashley Thompson)为您播报。

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