Kenya Joins HIV DREAMS Project
2015-07-27 16:23:05

Kenya will be getting new support to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS among adolescent girls.(1)

President Obama announced Sunday that Kenya would be included in the DREAMS project.(2)

It’s funded by the U.S., the Nike Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.(3)
它是由美国,耐克基金会和比尔与梅林达 · 盖茨基金会资助。

 Adolescent girls are hard hit by HIV AIDS. It’s estimated seven thousand die every year from the disease.(4)

They also account for about 74 percent of new infections among adolescents.(5)
他们还占约 74%的新感染青少年。

The $210 million DREAMS project falls under PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.(6)
$ 2 亿 1000 万梦项目属于 PEPFAR,总统的艾滋病救济紧急计划。

Dr. Deborah Birx is the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and in charge of PEPFAR.(7)

She said, “DREAMS is a very exciting new program for us where the D stands for determine, the R for resilient, the E for empowered, the A for AIDS-free and the M for mentored and the S for safe.(8)
她说,"梦是一个非常令人兴奋的新程序,我们哪里 D 立场为确定,R 为弹性,E 为授权,为艾滋病免费 A 和 M 为指导和安全 S。

And that acronym – that combination of items – we think is really going to be key to keep young women HIV-free.(9)
它的缩写 — — 组合的项目 — — 我们认为真的要保持年轻妇女无艾滋病毒的关键。

Ambassador Birx said the overall rate of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa has fallen over the last 10 years.(10)
大使茎秆说整体新的艾滋病毒感染率在撒哈拉以南非洲已经在过去的 10 年。

She credited efforts by individual countries, PEPFAR and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.(11)
她贷记个别国家,PEPFAR 和防治艾滋病、 结核病和疟疾全球基金所作的努力。

But she said changing demographics on the continent are having an effect on the epidemic.(12)
但她说: 在非洲大陆上的人口状况变化正在对这种流行病的影响。

“Africa also has this exciting, expanding young adult [population].(13)
"非洲也有这个令人兴奋、 不断扩大的年轻成人 [人口]。

So, there are 30 percent more young adults now than at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.(14)
因此,有 30%更多年轻的成年人现在比在艾滋病毒/艾滋病流行病的开始。

So, you can see just by the sheer numbers even if you hold the rates of HIV new infections at the same (level),(15)
所以,你可以看到只是由纯粹的数字即使你持有的艾滋病毒新感染率在相同的 (一级),

because there’s so many more young adults at risk your actually number of HIV infected goes significantly up,” she said.(16)

And adolescent girls and young women are bearing the brunt of that.(17)

“We know young women in general are two to three to four and some cases 10 times more likely to become HIV infected than young men of the exact same age group.(18)
"我们知道年轻妇女一般是两到三到四和一些案件 10 倍更有可能成为比精确相同年龄组的青年男子感染艾滋病毒。

So, this is very much focused on meeting the needs of young women where they are in the communities to address their specific issues that lead to higher HIV risk –(19)
所以,这是很多集中在会议导致更高的艾滋病毒风险 — — 他们在哪里解决他们的特殊问题,社区的年轻妇女的需要

and to ensure that they grow up as part of this commitment to an AIDS-free generation,” said Birx.(20)

Kenya will receive $30 million extra in HIV funding from the DREAMS project. Programs are already in place, so they can begin right away.(21)
肯尼亚将收到 $ 3000 万额外的艾滋病毒梦想项目的资助。程序已经到位,这样他们就可以马上开始。

Dr. Birx attended the recent International AIDS Society Conference on Pathogenesis, Prevention and Treatment in Vancouver, Canada.(22)
茎秆博士出席了发病机制、 预防和治疗在温哥华,加拿大最近国际艾滋病社会会议。

She said among the scientific studies presented was further proof that the sooner HIV infected people receive antiretrovirals the better.(23)
她说: 在科学研究提出了进一步证明早 HIV 感染者接受抗逆转录病毒药物更好。

“If patients start on treatment early, they can have this almost identical lifespan to someone who is HIV negative.(24)

So this is extraordinarily exciting, and that’s what happened over the last decade in sub-Saharan Africa. So, we’ve reversed the dying.(25)

Now we have to even do a better job on decreasing the number of new infections.”(26)

The PEPFAR chief said preventing new infections among adolescents is cheaper than treating them once they are infected.(27)
PEPFAR 长官说,预防新的感染,青少年比治疗他们,当他们受到感染。

That, she says, could strain financial resources.(28)

Two of the biggest obstacles to helping girls and young women living with HIV are stigma and discrimination.(29)

“We feel like, overall, across the world we’ve made the least progress in stigma and discrimination.(30)

And this has really undermined the abilities of individuals and communities to protect themselves from HIV because people are hiding their sero status.(31)

There’s still unrelenting stigma at the community level.(32)

So, people living with HIV/AIDS around the world are still forced into the shadows of their community,” said Birx.(33)

She said as a result, fewer people are coming forward to be tested. People are hiding their antiretroviral pills so friends and family won’t learn their HIV status.(34)
她说: 因此,很少有人站出来进行测试。所以的朋友和家人不会了解自己的艾滋病毒状况,人们都躲他们抗逆转录病毒药物。

Birx said it’s critical women are empowered and have the means to protect themselves.(35)

“We know from our gender-based violence studies -- we’ve been supporting, what we call, violence against children surveys in 10 African countries over the last five years –(36)
"我们知道从我们基于性别的暴力行为的研究 — — 我们一直在支持,我们所说的对儿童调查在过去的五年 — — 10 个非洲国家的暴力行为

and it’s clear that young women are specifically susceptible to gender-based violence and have a much higher risk of either acquiring HIV through gender-based violence or through other behaviors that occurred due to the gender-based violence that had occurred earlier.”(37)

Ambassador Birx said young women must stand up for themselves.(38)

But she also says communities have to “wrap their arms around young women and value them and protect them from the perpetrators of gender-based violence.”(39)

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