Twitter Fights Abuse, But Free Speech Activists Worry About Censorship
2017-03-09 21:00:00

The social networking website Twitter has put new measures in place to try to stop users from being harassed or from seeing things that offend them.(1)
社交网站 Twitter 已到位新措施,试图阻止用户从被骚扰或事物冒犯了他们。

Some free-speech activists are worried that the changes could lead to unpopular ideas being censored.(2)

The measures were announced last week.(3)

They include hiding possibly threatening messages even if no one has complained to the company that the person who sent them is abusive.(4)

In a statement announcing the change, the company said, “We’re working to identify accounts as they’re engaging in abusive behavior -- even if this behavior hasn’t been reported to us."(5)
在一份声明,公布这一变化,该公司表示,"我们正在努力确定帐户,因为他们从事滥用行为 — — 即使这种行为还没有被报告给我们。"

The company said it would take action only when it strongly believes abuse has taken place. It uses software to identify abuse.(6)

Risk to free speech?(7)

But some free speech supporters are worried about the changes.(8)

Suzanne Nossel is the executive director of the free speech activist group PEN America.(9)
苏珊娜 · 赛尔是言论自由激进团体笔美国的执行董事。

She said Twitter is considering taking action, in her words, “where there is really no problem that needs to be solved.(10)
她说,Twitter 正在考虑采取行动,用她的话说,"那里真的有没有需要解决的问题。

To take action when there hasn’t been a complaint raises the concern of whether there will be mistaken blocking of accounts or suspending of accounts,” she said. “That raises a risk.”(11)

Twitter has been pressured to deal with abusive speech in the past few months after some famous people complained about long-term, planned abuse campaigns.(12)
Twitter 已经迫于压力在过去几个月后一些著名的人抱怨长期、 有计划、 滥用运动与虐待语音处理。

Actress Leslie Jones left Twitter for a brief time last year after she received many racist messages and death threats.(13)
女演员莱斯利 · 琼斯离开 Twitter 的一小段时间后,她收到许多种族主义信息和死亡威胁的最后一年。

Several months after she met with the head of Twitter, the company announced it had developed new ways to deal with abusive messages.(14)
后她会见了 Twitter,头几个月该公司宣布,它已经开发了新的方式来处理虐待的消息。

Those ways included strengthening the ability of users to stop receiving messages that had certain words or expressions in them, and expanding the ability of users to report abuse.(15)

Twitter also retrained its workers on how to deal with online abuse.(16)
Twitter 也工友如何处理在线滥用的情况。

Esha Bhandari is a lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project.(17)
班达里 Esha 是美国公民自由联盟的演讲、 隐私和技术项目的一位律师。

She told VOA that she supports these kinds of changes, which permit users to have more control over what messages they see and from whom they receive messages.(18)

She said the ACLU encourages companies to focus less on ways it can stop abuse and more “on tools that allow users to control their experience on the platform."(19)

Low-quality tweets and safe search function(20)

But some tools launched by Twitter give the company a lot of power to decide what messages are seen.(21)
但通过 Twitter 推出一些工具给公司大量的电力来决定什么消息都见过。

In February, the company began hiding what it called “potentially abusive or low-quality tweets.”(22)
今年 2 月,该公司开始隐藏其所谓"潜在虐待或低质量的鸣叫"。

The messages will still be able to be seen, but only if people search for them.(23)

VOA asked Twitter many times for more information on how it decided which messages are “low-quality.” Twitter did not answer our questions.(24)
美国之音记者问 Twitter 多次详细信息关于如何决定哪些消息是"低质量"。Twitter 没有回答我们的问题。

Also in February, Twitter introduced a “safe search” function that removes messages that have “potentially sensitive content” from search results.(25)
此外在 2 月,Twitter 的介绍一个"安全搜索"功能,从搜索结果中删除了"潜在的敏感内容"的消息。

VOA also asked the company how it identified this kind of message, but Twitter again did not answer our questions.(26)
美国之音还要求该公司如何确定这种消息,但 Twitter 再没有回答我们的问题。

Global town square(27)

As a private company, Twitter is not forced to permit free speech.(28)
作为一家私营公司,Twitter 不被被迫允许言论自由。

However, spokespeople say the service permits free expression. And they say they believe in “speaking truth to power.”(29)

PEN America and the ACLU support this role.(30)

Nossel and Bhandari say they consider Twitter a kind of global town square, where everyone’s voice has equal weight.(31)
赛尔和班达里说,他们认为 Twitter 全球城市广场,在那里每个人的声音具有同等重量的一种。

Bhandari said, “As a practical matter, decisions made by Twitter have a huge impact on the messages that we receive,(32)
班达里说,"作为一个实际的问题,决定由 Twitter 有巨大的影响对我们收到的邮件

and I hope that Twitter and other companies take those responsibilities seriously. ".(33)
我希望,Twitter 和其他公司认真对待这些责任。".

Nossel noted that Twitter has financial reasons to be careful as it seeks to balance free expression and stopping abuse.(34)
赛尔指出,Twitter 有金融原因要小心,因为它寻求平衡言论自由和停止滥用。

“The power and influence of their platform depends on the free flow of ideas,(35)

so I think there are commercial reasons why they would not want to limit (free speech),” Gnossel said.(36)
因此,我认为有商业理由为什么他们不想限制 (言论自由),"Gnossel 说。

“And I think for their users, they do have a kind of softer, implicit contract that they are going to be a platform in which you can express things freely.”(37)
",我认为对于他们的用户,他们有一种更柔和、 隐式的合同,他们将要成为一个平台,你可以自由表达的东西。

I’m Ashley Thompson.(38)
我是阿什莉 · 汤普森。

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