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Apple Co-Founder Launches Technology School


Vacuum Company Dyson to Launch Electric Car by 2020


Google’s New ‘Pixel Buds’ Offer Real-Time Translation


Half of Teenagers in US and Japan ‘Addicted’ to Smartphones


Can A Computer Teach Children to Read and Write?


iOS 11 Offers New Features for iPhones, iPads


Apple’s New iPhones, Watches and More


Indonesians Using Smartphones to Connect to the Internet


Orangutans With iPads


American Lawmakers Concerned about Cyber Attacks


New Internet Rules Offer Window into North Korea


China Develops Its Drone Industry


IBM Says Computers Will See, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hear Things Better in the Future


Now on the iPad: Apps for Orangutans


Mobile Telephones Changing Lives in Africa


Televisions Stole the Spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


Tablet Computers Most Wanted Gift This Holiday


Social Innovation Summit 2012 Comes to an End


Rights Group Calls for Ban on Fully Autonomous Killer Robots


South Pacific Islands Now Totally Powered by the Sun


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