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American Blogger Apologizes for Video Showing Japanese Suicide Victim


Creator of ‘Me Too’ to Start Ball Drop in Times Square


Yes, Virginia, Every Vote Does Count


What People Looked Up on Google in 2017


'Feminism' Is Merriam-Webster 'Word of the Year'


Saudi Arabia to Permit Movie Theaters After 35-Year Ban


Da Vinci Painting Heads to Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum


New Study Suggests Dogs May Be Smarter than Cats


NBC Dismisses Matt Lauer Over Reports of Sexual Abuse


Prince Harry to Marry American Actress Meghan Markle


Coffee to Help Power London's Buses


'Trump' Hamburger Popular in Tokyo


Scientists Find Oldest Wine-making Evidence in Georgia


Bill Gates Gives $100 Million to Fight Alzheimer's Disease


Twitter and Snapchat Announce Changes


US Stands Alone on Paris Agreement


Magazine Predicted Astros Would Win World Series


500 Years Since Martin Luther Launched Christian Reformation


Women Land in Japan after 6 Months Lost at Sea


Pope Francis Makes Phone Call to Outer Space


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