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Electrified Road Can Charge Moving Vehicles


Marijuana Growers Turn to Hemp to Fight Oversupply


Scientists Change Biology with Technology


Scientists: Ozone-Eating Chemical Mysteriously Rising


California to Require Solar Power for New Homes


US Army Doctors 'Grows' Ear on Soldier's Arm


Storms, Nature Uncover Bones on New York’s Island of the Dead


Antibiotic Resistance Spreads Quickly from Animals to People


Scientists Observe Birth of Huge Galaxy Cluster


New Genetic Test Helps Find Food Poisoning


New NASA Mars Mission Will Study Deep Under Planet’s Surface


Facebook Adds Dating App, Launches Oculus Go


New Plastic-Eating Substance May Help Fight Against Pollution


Facebook Makes Public its Full Content Guidelines


Japanese Engineer Builds Huge Robot of His Dreams


Ancient Finger Bone Found in Saudi Arabia is 90,000 Years Old


‘Smart Farm’ Technology Tracks Behavior of Cows


Organization Urges Young African Scientists to Become ‘the Next Einstein’


New Technology Harvests Energy from River and Tidal Movement


Robots Bring Change to Construction Industry


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