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Can Artificial Intelligence Make Doctors Better?


Mysterious Organism Threatens Huge, Mediterranean Clam


First US Face Recognition Terminal Opens at Atlanta Airport


US Spacecraft Reaches Bennu Asteroid


Portugal Mourns Fish's Escape to Cooler Waters


Why Is Gene Editing in Dispute?


Experts Meet to Understand Decrease in Humpback Whales Off Hawaii


First Flight Completed of Plane with No Moving Parts


Are Brazil’s Rainforests in Danger?


Chinese Scientist Claims First Gene Edited Babies


US Climate Report Says Weather Disasters Will Get Worse


Farm Animals May Soon Get New Qualities With Gene-Editing


US Space Agency Returns to Mars with InSight Lander


Are Forests an Answer to Carbon Pollution?


Future of News: Will Robot Readers Take Over?


Space Rock Still a Mystery to Scientists


Was Life Harder for Neanderthals or Early Humans?


Gene-edited Food Will Arrive Soon, But Will People Eat It?


Study: Auto Assist Systems Struggle in Real-World Situations


Historic Kilogram Weight Measure to Be Replaced


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