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Mars on Earth: Tests in Desert of Oman


Do Bats Hold the Secret to Long Life?


Scientists Test New Treatment for Injuries that Produce Arthritis


Olympic Ready? Robot Skiers Compete in South Korea


Ancient Maya Structures Found in Guatemalan Jungle


Japanese Companies Introduce New ‘Companion’ Robots


Students ‘Make History’ with New Dinosaur Find in Egypt


Possible Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Shows Early Promise


Judges Now Using Artificial Intelligence to Rule on Prisoners


Tests Suggest 10,000-Year-Old Brit Had Dark Skin, Blue Eyes


Child Experts Protest Facebook's Kids Messenger App


Several Studies Show Oceans Face Serious Threats


Apple to Allow Users to Turn Off iPhone Slowdowns


NASA Tests Power System to Support Manned Missions to Mars


Doctors Have a New Tool to Identify Breast Cancer


Amazon Go: First Store with No Money or Lines


Scientists Discover a Dinosaur with Shiny, Color-Changing Feathers


New Technology Reads Ancient Documents without Opening Them


Facebook Feed to Show Less News, More Personal Posts


Scientists Aim to Give AI to Robot Cat That Helps the Elderly


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