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Scientists Risk Heat, Gas to Study Hawaii Volcano


Scientists: Spiders Use Electric Fields to Move through Air


X-Ray Technology Helps Recover Lost 19th-Century Images


Scientists Find Possible Meteorite Pieces in Ocean


Baby Hippo Has Become an Educational Force


Animals at Risk from Increased Arctic Shipping


‘Deepfake’ Videos: a New Weapon in Disinformation Wars


Researchers: Warming Climate Spreads Dangerous Algae


Artificial Intelligence Used to Track World's Wildlife


Japanese Spacecraft Arrives at Asteroid to Study Surface


‘Citizen Scientists’ Seek Solutions to Bumblebee’s Problems


First Ever Live Computer-Human Debate: Who Won?


Greenpeace: Plastic, Chemical Pollution Widespread in Antarctica


Google Bans Its AI Technology for Weapons Work


Developments in Exoskeleton Technology Could Help Some Walk Again


Changing Climate Threatens Habitat on Assateague Island


Scientists Identify Genes Behind Humans' Big Brains


On Mars, NASA Finds ‘Organic’ Substances Linked to Life


Dinosaur Skeleton of Possible New Species Sells for $2.3 Million


U.S. Teens Dropping Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat


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