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Virtual Reality: Digital Treatment for Real Pain


World’s First Hydrogen Trains Launch in Germany


Amazon Reaches for the Stars


Huge Device Aims to Capture Pacific Ocean’s Plastic Garbage


Three New Fish Species Found in Pacific Ocean


Apple Launches New iPhones, New Health Features for Watch


Scientists Explore How Cannabis May Fight Psychosis


South Korean ‘Smart Farm’ Built Inside Former Road Tunnel


Cooling, Drying Climate May Have Led to Neanderthal Disappearance


Underwater Robot to Hunt Lionfish to Help Protect Coral Reefs


Scientists Say Hotter Weather Worsens Wildfire in Western US


Dogs Trained to Find Endangered Animals


Newly Discovered Bones Show Genetic Mix of Ancient Human Relatives


Facebook Now Rates Users on Trustworthiness


Summer Program Teaches Young Women Science, Outdoor Skills


Tunnels in Gemstone Might Be Sign of Life


Report: Google Still Tracks You Even with Location History Off


Birds Learn Each Other’s ‘Languages’ by Listening, Experts Say


Study: Warmer Soil Releasing More Carbon


NASA Spacecraft to Study the Sun Up Close


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