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Ancient Sanskrit Poem Teaches About Modern War


Does Sexism Affect US Presidential Race?


Wrangell-St. Elias: The Largest National Park in America


Trump Is a Big Issue in US Congressional Elections


Nintendo Announces New Gaming Device


Scary Clowns Have Some Americans Worried


South Korean Parties Argue Over North Korea’s Influence


Are You a Nasty Woman or a Bad Hombre?


Syrian Man Brings Supplies to Children in Aleppo


1200 UTC Newscast for October 20, 2016


Aid Group Says 5,000 Have Fled Mosul Fighting


Political Worries Can Affect Economic Decisions


MIT Seeks 'Moral' to the Story of Self-Driving Cars


Journalists in Texas Connect US and Vietnam


UN Blames Afghan War for Almost 2,600 Deaths This Year


Handsome Pakistani Tea Seller Catches Eyes


US High School Completion Rate Reaches All-Time High


Free Speech: Is It Fine to Say Something Offensive?


2017 Calendar Shows Many Sides of Vladimir Putin


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