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South African Opera Singer Makes Her Voice Heard


Poll Finds Majority of Filipinos Approve of Duterte


Lesson 31: Take Me Out to the Ball Game


What Is the Best Way to Teach English?


Hats Off to You!


Ocean 'Blob' Caused Dangerous Algae Bloom


Scientists Create Realistic Model of Dinosaur


A Public Referendum: Not Always the 'Last Word'


Wild Surroundings at Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Girl Completes Backyard “Ninja Warrior” Course


Musicians Find New Places to Perform


1200 UTC Newscast for October 7, 2016


US Security Agency Contractor Arrested


Plane Evacuated Because of Smoking Samsung Phone


Colorado Voters to Decide on Health Care System


Migration Out of the Middle East Shows No Signs of Slowing


Reporter’s Chinatown Story Criticized


What Washington Politicians Are Really Saying


Chess Rules in Film "Queen of Katwe"


Wildlife Convention Protects Animals Great and Small


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