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Obama Names New National Monument in Maine


Feelings and Fashion at MTV's Video Music Awards


Average Weight of American Men Increased 7 Kilograms in 20 Years


Deaths From Lightning Strikes in US at Highest Since 2010 


Kerry: Stopping Corruption Key to Fighting Extremism


Young Programmer’s App Helps War Veteran Father Sleep Better


Good Time to Enter Job Market for New College Graduates


A Laboratory Turns Deadly Insect Venom into Medicine


Antioxidants in Citrus May Fight Obesity-Related Diseases


Some Foods Can Be Medicine


Study Finds Millennials ‘Optimistic’ About the Future


Group Wants Fathers to Volunteer at US Schools


Lesson 26: This Game Is Fun!


English No Longer Requirement for New York City Taxi Drivers


In Louisiana Flooding, It’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor


The Longest Living Vertebrate is… a Shark


Wheels: An Invention Worth Exploring


Yellowstone: America's First National Park


French Burkini Bans Revive Debate On Muslim Clothing


Women in the Kitchen, Men in the Garage, Americans Say


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