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US Presidential Candidates Prepare to Take Office


More Russians Growing Their Own Food


15 Years After 9/11 Attacks, Americans Remember


Fifteen Million Americans Work for Themselves


Table Tennis, Anyone?


American Athletes Protest National Anthem


Millions Across Southern Africa Face Food “Insecurity”


Pre-Teens Enter Universities in Canada, US


US, Russian Astronauts Return to Earth After 6-Month Space Station Mission


Northeast Nigeria Rebuilds, Prepares for Schools to Open


Remembering Sept. 11, 2001


World Nomad Games Come to a Close in Kyrgyzstan


U.S. Presidential Race Tightens


Somaliland Exports Animals for the Hajj


Why Do People Join the US Military?


1400 UTC Newscast for September 8, 2016


‘Girls Who Code’ Opens Door for Women in Tech Jobs


Paralympic Games Begin in Brazil


School Year Begins in Cameroon, But Many Children Not in Class


NFL Season Opens Without Quarterbacks Brady, Manning


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