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Average Weight of American Men Increased 7 Kilograms in 20 Years


Deaths From Lightning Strikes in US at Highest Since 2010 


Kerry: Stopping Corruption Key to Fighting Extremism


Young Programmer’s App Helps War Veteran Father Sleep Better


Good Time to Enter Job Market for New College Graduates


A Laboratory Turns Deadly Insect Venom into Medicine


Antioxidants in Citrus May Fight Obesity-Related Diseases


Some Foods Can Be Medicine


Study Finds Millennials ‘Optimistic’ About the Future


Group Wants Fathers to Volunteer at US Schools


Lesson 26: This Game Is Fun!


English No Longer Requirement for New York City Taxi Drivers


In Louisiana Flooding, It’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor


The Longest Living Vertebrate is… a Shark


Wheels: An Invention Worth Exploring


Yellowstone: America's First National Park


French Burkini Bans Revive Debate On Muslim Clothing


Women in the Kitchen, Men in the Garage, Americans Say


Burkini Ban Reversed in France


Obama to Create World's Largest Marine Park


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