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Firefighters Battle Western U.S. Wildfires


Dr. Anthony Fauci: America’s Man on Infectious Diseases


President Obama Releases Summer Music Playlists


New Audi Cars Will Communicate with Traffic Signals


Study: To Live Longer, Eat More Chicken and Plant-Based Protein


Photographer Hopes to Save Animals by Taking Pictures of Them


Scientists Go Crazy About a Big-Eyed Squid


Every Bill Gets Vote in North Dakota


Polio Is Back in Nigeria


US Announces Single Largest Transfer of Guantanamo Inmates


Fine Feared Too Small for Dead Fish Damage in Vietnam


Sports Illustrated Magazine Reveals 'Golden' Cover


Researchers Exploring Ways to Fight Roundworm Infection


How Should Schools Deal with Misbehaving Students?


One Hour of Exercise a Day Fights Damage of Sitting


In Ivory Coast, Shea Butter Is 'Women's Gold'


Are UN Sanctions Against North Korea Working?


Usain Bolt Wins Third 100-Meter Gold Medal


'Glass Ceiling' Still Exists for Women


As World Follows Rio Olympics, Brazil’s Economy Struggles


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