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Girl Shrieks With Joy Over Doll With One Leg


Will Chinese Travel Help China's Economy?


Missing Japanese Boy Found Healthy and Hungry


Clinton Calls Trump ‘Unfit’ to Lead Foreign Policy


This Superbug is Too Strong for Antibiotics


Americans Use Orange to Protest Gun Violence


Georgian Extremists Attack Vegans With Meat


German Lawmakers Recognize Armenian Genocide


2000 UTC Hourly Newscast in English


You Really Should Learn Modals!


Baby Born in NJ to Zika-Infected Mom Has Microcephaly


Dead Cubs Found at Thailand’s ‘Tiger Temple’


Search On For Boy Abandoned by Parents in Japan


Switzerland Opens World’s Longest, Deepest Rail Tunnel


Play Looks Into Workers' Lives When Car Industry Failed


Adele Tells Fan to Stop Filming Her Concert


Almost 46 Million People Live in ‘Modern Slavery’


Killing of Gorilla at US Zoo Causes Uproar


Brazil Corruption Minister Quits Under Suspicion


700 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean


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